It does not end! As we were sending out the email about John Lennon's song we received word that the demons were attacking in California at the theater where Jesus hopes to speak; not just a limited engagement, but they were throwing everything they have at the Defenders! For demons to attack in broad daylight shows an absolute act of desperation! They are known to fight extensively on rainy and cloudy days, but they virtually never attack in broad daylight! It shows they are utterly desperate. But We cannot understand why, though John was making a desperate plea to people in that theater, we had little hope that it would be answered. But the demons seem absolutely terrified of Our current effort.
The fighting in Hollywood was horrendous for over two hours! But if anything it showed the deployment system that The Kingdom Of God sat up works very well. The Fighting Forces were summoned from The Afterlife and were there in minutes! However, by the time it was realized that this was a major attack and the Forces from outside the city realized They had to get in and help, things got rather nasty! A group of colored American airmen from World War II who were fighter pilots were trying to hold Hollywood Blvd. and the demons were throwing everything they had at them! Pickett's men, who were further down the street, saw their plight and with horrendous effort fought their way through them! The Confederate Commander cried out "Do you boys need some help?" The colored airman answered "You southern gentlemen would be gratefully appreciated right now!" The Confederate soldiers got in position and they proceeded to do some rather serious demon bashing! By the time the marines arrived there was little for them to do but take the ground and hold it so the wounded could be carried off. All the time during the fighting the demons were taunting the defenders about the Supreme Court decision upholding the partial birth abortion ban., even before the public announcement! They were saying "See? We can arrange it so they murder your women, so they'll torture them and let them die. You can't stop us! Your own people feed us!" "Hell, they're our people!" the Defenders answered. "That decision may stand for an hour and a day, but it'll be overturned, like the one saying that slavery was acceptable was overturned! Just take us a while, that's all. Give us time!" When the sun finally forced the demons to break off the battle, and they began to retreat a deep African American voice began to sing "True Dixie," and soon every other voice among the Defenders was picking it up. The retreating demons moaned, as the words of the song echoed around them. Here's a link to the lyrics.

The demons did not reappear for another attack Thursday morning! Apparently they used up all their energy during the daylight attack. Perhaps they're not as strong as they're boasting!
Some discussion was made about rather or not We should begin raising the barriers around Los Angeles, but unfortunately, We don't have enough power yet. The Kingdom Of God is still drained from the Easter effort. Power is coming in but slower than expected. It is believed the situation in Virginia drew a great deal away, which was probably the creatures of Darkness' intention. We are in hopes of getting a couple of things going to raise energy so that the shields can be raised, which will make the Defenders' efforts alot easier. But the demons did not reach their goal. God's places of power are intact. They have not disturbed them. Now the only thing is We need to use them. We believe the demons raised the power for this attack by drawing on the hatred of those filing their tax returns. It seems horrible but the resentment of many about paying their taxes is very high, and the demons can feed on any anger like this. It is also believed they were speaking truly when they said the anti abortionists were feeding them. This has been known for a long time. It is a food source The Kingdom Of God would like to deny them! But these poor misguided people simply can't be reached, they are so lost in their false teachings.
Linda was able to get the music through to John Lennon's new tribute to Virginia Tech and has put an mp3 audio demo of it on our site. It was supposed to be played similar to one of John's old songs he wrote in the material world, but he didn't want us to have copyright problems with it. So him and Linda have worked out a similar version. Here's the link.


Southern Allies

We are often asked "What are The Confederate Forces Of Atonement? What do they have to atone for?" Many belive The Confederates did nothing wrong, that they were defending their country against unwarranted intrusion from the north. Well in that they may have been justified. But in the defense of slavery they were not, and this is what they are atoneing for. Until every aspect caused by slavery is erased, until blacks and whites are totally equal Those of The Forces Of Confederate Atonement cannot rest. When all traces of racism are gone from The United States, when it is totally unacceptable anywhere, They will finally be at rest. When the white supremecists and The Klan are forgotten memories, an ignorance that people don't even talk about any more, They will be at peace. It is hard for many to believe that many of the people of color that fought so valiantly during The Civil Rights Movement were actually the reincarnations of white slave owners fighting to end the misery that they had caused! The Confederate Forces have made tremendous strides in the last few years. But They are fully aware that they still have a long way to go. They have firmly attached Themselves to The Spiritist Movement, because of the Spiritist tradition of banning all racism, of seeing all people as equals, of judging people by their qualities, not by the color of their skin. It is The Confederates who often go after those that accuse us of being racist because we don't support homosexuality. They consider such as this Their special prey, Their special enemies, and They can get real nasty! They are some of the best Angelic Workers for hunting out those using race to gain power.

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