By Gerald A. Polley

The water main busted at the restaurant the other day and because the coolers worked on water we lost our refrigeration. It reminded me how I've been through the same stuff so many times, but one place I worked losing water for a couple of days in the winter time was so common the boss was all prepared for it. Just as soon as he found out the water was going to be off for several days he hopped in his truck and drove home. A few minutes later he was back with some plywood frames. He propped open the cooler doors, put in the frames, wedged them in place, put air conditioners in the frames, ran power lines to them, cranked them up, and we had refridgeration again! The thinner people had to go in through the temporary doors to get stuff out of the walk in, but it worked! And of course one cook had to complain that there were cords in the way! But the boss told him to either shut up or leave! It was a temporary nuisance that had to be put up with.
Some of the bosses I have had had a lot of ingenuity and too, where it was so cold where I'm working now, they stacked everything out on the loading dock. It sat there unattended, all night, and nobody touched anything! I remember one time in Maine a door got stove out and I came in four hours early to make sure nobody got in the building by removing the plywood. In the time I sat there waiting for the boss to come in, three cars pulled into the dooryard, guys got out and headed for the plywood, but just as soon as I turned on my headlights the people got in their cars and drove off. I could hear one of them screaming obscenities that the damned people didn't trust people, and they had somebody watching the place. I just shook my head. North Dakota does have its good points, it definitely has its good points!



Heroes To The Rescue!

They were making fun of us on the forum where we were posting that we were channeling super heroes from comic books. Well, if they could've seen the battle around Ellsworth May 26, they would've been amazed to see a whole brigade of super heroes from around the world fighting the demons! They were actually actors who had played super heroes in the movies in many countries. We don't know them all but here's just a few. Captain America, Dick Purcell, three Supermen! Kirk Alyn, George Reeves, and Christopher Reeve, two Batmen, Lewis Gilbert Wilson and Robert Lowery, one Robin, Douglas Croft, Captain Marvel, Tom Tyler, The Hulk, Bill Bixby, Mandrake The Magician, Warren Hull, and Flash Gordon, Buster Crabbe!
We can tell you, the demons weren't laughing, because as Defenders Of The Kingdom Of God these guys were real super heroes and were whacking demons right and left! They made an excellent accounting of themselves, time and time again charging into areas where the fighting was the worst and driving the demons back, who seemed to be absolutely terrified of them! Apparently all the people watching their movies and thinking of them as super powerful gave them plenty of power to fight the creatures of Darkness. There were also a bunch of super villians that were fighting with them, we just didn't have time to get any of their names. But they also did an excellent job!
People might think it was funny or even cute, but they were a very effective force. And Father Abraham sends his speial thanks to Dick Purcell, who had the idea of forming the brigade and gathered every super hero he could find! It was just another thing that gave The Kingdom Of God victory! So these fools on the forum may have been laughing their heads off, but the laugh was on them!


America is the greatest, freest and most decent society in existence. It is an oasis of goodness in a desert of cynicism and barbarism. This country, once an experiment unique in the world, is now the last best hope for the world. ( Dinesh D'Souza )

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