May 1, 2,007
Fighting For Your Land

John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, and even Jesus have been complaining that Their work is overshadowing Gerald's. They want him to throw something in once and a while! So, at Their insistance Gerald threw this song together. It's not very good, he knows. But it's just something telling about what's going on right now, and hopefully it will keep Them quiet. It is hard for him to do anything because he is so tired, just absolutely drained. He had to borrow some of Kurt Cobain's music, or John's. We're confused on that! Too much going on! But we're sending this out anyway, so that there will be harmony in The Afterlife. Of course he hopes somebody will like it! But it's silly of Them to try to keep pushing somebody that can't sing in public. Since his heart attack Gerald can only sing in perfect conditions. He would never be able to sing on a stage with a whole bunch of screaming people around.

Lyrics By; Speaker Gerald Polley
Music By; Kurt Cobain
All rights reserved.

1. The battle is raging
All around the world
For the souls of man
You know they are in peril!
In the land of America
Jesus, He will stand!
He's fighting for Hollywood,
to put it in His hands!

2. Men from all of history
There, will make a stand!
For The Lord Of Heaven,
They'll give all they can!
Lee and Pickett,
Stonewall, make a stand!
On Hollywood and Vine,
They fight for the souls of man!

3. The power is holding,
And the battles they are grand!
But much more is needed,
If The Lord, He is to win!
All of Heaven stands behind Him,
But where are the men
That should be fighting with Him
When He makes His stand?

4. The power of Heaven
Is waiting in Their hands,
Yes, They have the glory
To save Their fellow man!
But why are they waiting?
Why won't they make a stand?
And join with the others
Fighting for the souls of man?

5. Come on all you people!
Rally to The Lord!
You know He is fighting,
Fighting for your cause!
Cast away the evil,
Come and make a stand!
Come and join the Fighters
Standing for your land!

Come and join the fighters
Standing for your land!

Your land!

Gerald recorded an audio demo of this song Sunday. It's now available on our web site.

We have prepared our first national thirty second ad! We are in hopes of getting it played in Los Angeles. It may be checked out at

We've been able to put the new issue of Voices up on schedule! We've managed to get a few new articles in we're sure everyone will enjoy! Here's the link.

In Monday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers the questions "Why do You prefer to be called The Nazarene instead of The Christ?" which was from our friend Lorn in 2,002, and the new one "How are the Virginia Tech victims doing?"

We had a feeling the demons would not like our commercial! We were right! They threw everything they had at the radio station where we're trying to get it played! But Heaven's Defenders were waiting for them. A division of marines is just a little bit too much for a bunch of demons to handle, along with the regular Defenders! They were beaten off. There was not even any need to call for reinforcements! We're trying to reach some other radio stations in the Los Angeles area and this may break up their assaults, keep them from concentrating. But they are definitely losing power, and We're continuing to force them to fight, and they don't like that. They like to set the agenda, to pick the fight. But We're simply not letting them do that!

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