Here is a little comment from Jackie Kennedy. Wow!

"Jackie Kennedy here! I want to take this opportunity to express my greatest admiration for The Polleys! They are God's Workers. I especially admire Linda. Any woman that has one of those special husbands with abilities beyond other men has my greatest admiration! I had the good fortune of being the wife of two exceptional men. So I know what she has to deal with. And to have the extra burdon of having such a brilliant husband that is so handicapped she has my deepest admiration for what they have managed to do together. It should be praised by all the world. I want to send a special message to an old friend of mine. You once asked me how I managed to put up with John's idiocincricities, his bad habits. I answered "Because of two things. I am his wife, and I love him beyond all other men. And because I love him I understand his needs. I understand his drives. And I understand that those needs need to be fulfilled in order for him to have the energy to do those things that he was meant to do. That I am never jealous of anyone who he fulfills those needs with, only joyous for them because they are sharing in the special wonders that I enjoy and am never denied whenever I desire them." You were shocked and said that you could never endure such a husband, but that you supposed you understood what I was saying. I would appreciate it very much that you acknowledge that I said these things to you so that the world will better understand myself and my John. A good wife fulfills her husband's needs in any way that she has to as long as it does no harm to others. Of course there are some needs that a wife should never fulfill, some things if she finds that her husband is doing them that she should immediately report to the authorities. There are limits! But when a husband's needs are natural and ordinary and with adults a wife should understand. If she does not understand she's not much of a wife! Well those are my comments. The Polleys let people say whatever they want to say. They don't worry if people like it or not. They let people express themselves. That is why they are treasured in the entire Afterlife as God's True Messengers, and they should be so treasured in the material world. Jackie Kennedy Onassis, A Daughter Of God, A Resident Of His Kingdom, And Still A Faithful Wife, Now, And For Always."


Here's some rather odd comments from Liberace! We can't really call this an endorsement, we're not sure what it is! We wanted to bump it til tommorrow because the email was getting too long, but Liberace insisted it go out today, it had to be today. So we fulfilled his wishes.
Wladziu Valentino Liberace known as Liberace here! This is going to sound like a strange endorsement because I despise The Polleys. They are against everything I adored in the material world and everything I want in The Afterlife. They have even turned someone against me that I considered a dear friend, and caused me to attack him! I personally wish that they would fail in their mission, that God would not support them. But unfortunately God does. I have to say, in all honesty, that they are God's servants, that they do His will in all things, and the will of His Son, who I am sad to say, has rejected me because I will not accept the way of life that He desires for me. I have been rejected from The Kingdom Of God because I refuse to accept a female companion, to abide with a woman. I do not think it is Jesus' right to tell me that in order to abide in His Kingdom this is what I must do. This is why I despise The Polleys, because they tell people that this is so. Sometimes I think the truth could be set aside, and men who are different could be left alone. The Lord Of Heaven disagrees with me on this, and it hurts me deeply. I can give little that is not already known to identify myself. Of course everytody knows my brother George was far more than my brother George, and that many men I knew were far more than friends and that I can't understand why this should make a difference in anything. But it does. But no matter how much I hate it, I have to say The Polleys are true in all things they do. No matter how much I hate it, no matter how much it disgusts me, no matter how much I don't want it to be true it is so. They are the servants of God. Liberace, Not A Resident Of The Kingdom Of God, But Being Very Kindly Cared For.
We apologize for this email being so long! But another thing Jesus wished we had gotten to talk about is the recourring dreams Gerald has been having about the millionairess who gives us twenty six million dollars to have Gerald's baby. In the dreams the other millionaire who wants to pay Gerald a million dollars for one passionate kiss has returned, and people are irate because Gerald keeps telling him "Why would I take a million dollars from a piece of filth like you when I already have twenty six from a decent person that wants to do the will of God?" Many people are enraged saying "Why does he have to be so cruel? Why can't he be kind to people that have different opinions? How can he be calling what he is doing with this woman good? How can he be doing this perversion yet reject this sincere, decent man?" Dreams are weird, to say the least! But Jesus just wanted people to know the frustration that we are up against, that we are having dreams like this!
Oh, one more thing we didn't get to mention in the interview was the contest on where we would live. There are still four groups of spirits trying to get us a publisher so we will come to live in their particular state. The current contestants are Maine, California, Florida and North Dakota. They're all trying to be the ones to get our works printed and out into book stores. That is the condition that Jesus has sat forth for being the place that becomes our residence. Those who do God's glory will get God's workers! Jesus just wanted us to let people know it is still going on. Soomebody asked how could we move to Los Angeles with all that pollution? We would be buying a lot of air purifiers!

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