May 2, 2,007
I Want To Be A Cowgirl!

The spiritual fighting around Los Angeles was intense Tuesday morning. There is a reason for that, and we hope to have a good report on it tomorrow! But the creatures of Darkness even cut back on the attacks in Ellsworth and sent some of the forces there to LA. It is so hard to describe this horror in words! No battle among the living, no matter how intense, can compare with it! But The Forces Of God are holding. Jesus left Maine and again joined The Defenders around LA, as did John Lennon. The creatures of Darkness are utterly determined to break Jesus' power, to end His rule on Earth, to destroy the human race! Of course Jesus is just as determined that they won't!
Didn't get much done Monday because of Linda's doctor appointments. Gerald finally did write down the lyrics of a song he's been working on for months. John Lennon said "Enough, already! Don't seek absolute perfection! Put it down and if somebody likes it they may touch it up a little bit! But Johnny Cash is already singing it in The Afterlife, and several other country stars! So type up the damned thing!" So to keep the peace Gerald's typed it up. But we don't want to put it on the email because it will take too much space. We've put it up on the internet as a temporary page and will include it in the next magazine and take that page down. Here's the link!

We won't be able to record it because the music is very similar to "The Ballad Of Jed Clampett" and if anybody wanted to record it they'd probably have to get the rights to the music. Gerald's always borrowing somebody else's music! But you couldn't call this song a parody. Linda's trying to come up with some original music for it but neither John nor Kurt Cobain will help. They want her to do it all by her lonesome! We'll have to see if she can get something different enough!
It is incredible how hard it is to get any information from some radio stations! Our favorite radio station in Los Angeles wrote back and said their ad rates would simply be too expensive for us, and we couldn't get ahold of anybody else. But they're probably right! They're probably a lot more than the radio stations in Maine, an awful lot more! Gerald could sure use that female millionaire he keeps dreaming about!
The Kingdom Of God loves it! They just love it! Boy George being busted for raping a female escort is just absolutely perfect. Just what we need against the homosexual consenting adult propaganda! You really have to laugh sometimes! These people are just so ridiculous! They think they can get away with anything and that's what gets them caught! Let's hope he's prosecuted and convicted!
Linda's doctor's visits went great! But we got the bill for the first ones; over $1,000! Gerald's going to pay it with the credit card though it's nearly 20% interest. But Jesus says "No more charity!" Somehow we'll get it paid for. But no more charity. We've got to start paying our way. It's great that Linda doesn't have to sleep with the extra pillows for her arm any more! Gerald has some room again!
Here's a few adorable words from Marilyn Monroe!
"Marilyn Monroe, here! Everybody's taking a shot at endorsing The Polleys and making some little comments. Well, I can't be left out because I have adored both of them for years. They told the world that I did not commit suicide, that it was an accidental overdose. Like so many I was happier than I had ever been before. I had come to grips with many things in my life and had dear and caring friends that were leading me out of the Darkness. I made a mistake, forgot I had taken some pills and took some more, and it was simply a little too much. Others didn't want to hear this, others wanted to make up crazy stories that I had been murdered by The Mafia, or The CIA, or even The FBI because of my relationships with John and Robert. Nothing was further from the truth! And The Polleys fought these ridiculous stories that were damaging the memories of my dear friends that meant so much to me. And for that I will always be grateful to them. I made a lot of movies. I wish I was alive so I could make the one about the girl in Gerald's story in a futuristic prison. I would love to play that character! And I hope they find someone great to play her when this story is made into a movie because I don't doubt that someday it will! There's not much I can talk about that isn't already known. Most people know more about my life than I do! Sometimes I can't believe I did all that stuff! But if you want to know if something is true or not, ask The Polleys. They'll tell you! There is one thing somebody might remember that isn't too well known. I once told him that I would have loved to have done a movie with Roy Rogers, been a cowgirl, run around on a horse. Probably he doesn't remember, but if he does and tells people I'd appreciate it! It's a very little thing, but it's the only thing that I can think of that already hasn't been highly publicized, that everybody would know. That's my little piece, my little effort to reach out to the world and tell them you got a couple of special people and no matter how incredible what they say is, it's all true. We often wish it wasn't but it is. Norma Jeane Mortenson, And As My Dear Friend Jackie Has Said, A Daughter Of God And A Resident Of His Kingdom, Now, And, Forever."
In Tuesday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers more of Lorn's questions from 2,002, Do You really have blonde hair and blue eyes? and, What about President Bush's war with Iraq?

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