May 3, 2,007
Barriers Up And Ready

Had a great interview with Kevin & Bean, KROQ, LA Tuesday! When we said all We needed was just a little spark they gave Us far more than that! As always happens whenever we even get to talk for a few minutes on that station there was a tremendous release of energy into The Kingdom Of God. We had not even finished talking than the demons who had been fighting visciously around the station stopped, looked up into the sky, began to moan incessantly and withdraw. Only the very strongest ones stayed in the area, and they went into their deep, darkest holes. Two hours to the second that the interview began a psychokenitic portal opened up over Los Angeles and the power of God came pouring through establishing the psychokenitic barriers around the city exactly like those around Ellsworth. The defenders took up positions at the three passageways the demons would have to use and sat back to rest. There is no way the demons are going to have enough forces, enough strong ones, to launch major offensives inside the barriers! They will try to do the same things they're trying to do with Ellsworth, break through the barriers on the normal passageways and break up the energy as they go. After the dark creatures still within the barriers aclimatize they'll probably cause some trouble. But The Defenders have done Their job! There is more than enough energy to last a month or more! The Kingdom Of God again has a surplus. The power of whoever is working in the LA area is tremendous! This is the second time a portal has opened over that city, an unheard of phenomena once, a miraculous phenomena a second time! Here's a link to the archives of our talk.

We will be taking the station's advice and modifying the commercial to a simplier address. Let you know what it will be later. Strangely usually after Gerald has an interview with Kevin & Bean he's well energized for several weeks. But this interview gave him virtually nothing. The negativity at work is getting really bad. Gerald has the greatest sympathy for his boss He always wanted to own a little restaurant for himself, but seeing the problems that his boss has with the lazy workers nowadays, he wouldn't even dream of it!
There were a couple of little things we didn't get to mention. Ira Hayes, the commander of the marine contingent reinforcing the radio station sends his deepest compliments to Kevin & Bean. The loyalty of their fans and their determination to keep the creatures of Darkness at bay gave them more than enough energy to hold Their ground! Such loyalty made him proud to be in charge of the effort.
All the basketball fans in The Kingdom Of God send their gracious thanks also because Jesus said if the interview brought in enough power and everything was steady, the NBA championship games could be rebroadcast into The Kingdom Of God! The basketball fans deserve a treat because of the tremendous effort they have been putting forth and the sacrifice they have been making. So the basketball fans are extremely appreciative about the interview. Everybody in The Kingdom Of God wishes we could get on once a week but that might be a little much! And there are long periods when there's very little going on. Not lately, but We do have them!
We've heard that Kurt Cobain's wife plans to sell his belongings. She might not know it, but she's becoming a power source for The Kingdom Of God! Such an effort would bring Kurt a lot of publicity, send power to him that he would use in Jesus' effort, channeling it to others that need it. In Wednesday's "Here's Jesus!" He comments on a joke our friend Lorn uses, if it is offensive or not, and, a new segment, "Are lawyers ever allowed to represent anyone in The Hall Of Judgment?" Fascinating as always!

During the interview they asked if they went outside would they be able to see the fighting. We wouldn't be surprised if some of them might! But everybody should be able to feel it. Whenever The Forces Of The Kingdom Of God and the demons fight the people in the area where they're fighting become depressed. They want to run out of there, be someplace else. They might not be able to see and hear what's going on, but the unpleasant vibrations are reaching them. We constantly worry about an increase in suicides when these things are happening. A troubled mind could easily become overloaded by the negativity! It is absolutely impossible that no psychics in the area are aware of what's going on. Some of them have to hear and see some of it, or, be dreaming about it! It's absolutely impossible that they're not! Disturbances on this level would be easily seen by those with the abilities. They simply might not understand what they're seeing. Again, Jesus warns everybody that if they ask their local psychic if we're real, if what we're saying is true and they say no, don't have anything to do with them any more because they're complete fakes! If they say yes, they're real, but I wish they wouldn't be talking about what they're talking about and leave people alone, then they've probably got some abilities and are working for the creatures of Darkness. If they say "Yes, all they say is true! They are servants of God! Listen to them!" they are working with Heaven. But anyone that says we're not real has no power because The Kingdom Of God controls everyone that has any power at all, and they would confirm us!

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