This victory has not been without a price. We have lost the starving demon that had been giving us so much information. Setting up the barriers around Los Angeles was simply too much for him. He collapsed into himself and evaporated into nothingness. The Bible warns again and again, that the price of evil is eternal death, neverending suffering. Because that's all the creatures of Darkness ever have. Their final moments are misery and horror beyond anything that anyone can imagine. And that is their eternity, that is all they have. For them it is forever. The demons watching over this poor thing wept when it finally succumbed to its fate. Again, these foul things showing compassion for each other is something that has never been seen before and amazes Everyone! But We suppose the demons are crying for themselves, also, because unless We succeed this is the fate all of them will suffer.
Linda came up with some music for Gerald's song, "Two Brave Texas Men"! Here's the link to the audio!



By; Gerald A. Polley

As Major West entered the strategic air command's operations room she was ready for another interesting evening. She was just approaching her afternoon counterpart when a murmor rose from those in the operations room. Major West looked to see a distinguished looking officer in a air force General's uniform entering through the V.I.P. enterance. He was accompanied by a georgeous looking woman in the uniform of a marine Major, and a handsome man in an army Captain's uniform. The Major's counterpart let out a deep "Oh my God! It's them!" Major West knew immediately who he meant by "Them".
The General approached, came to attention and saluted. West returned the salute. "Major!" the General snapped, "By the authority of The Omega Agreement I am taking temporary command of this post! Do you concur?"
"Yes sir!" the Major snapped, "But I am going off duty, sir. You should speak to Major West, sir!"
"Due to the nature of the emergency," the General continued, "I require that all your personnel remain on duty. We have an alpha emergency! Those coming on duty should take up auxillery stations and assist the primary operators until the emergency is completed."
The General went over to a computer. Its operator quickly moved. He sat down and began to work.
"We have three hours, gentlemen," he remarked "to clear this area in The Southern Pacific three hundred miles in circumference. Absolutely nothing must be within that circle in three hours time! Anything on the surface of the ocean at that time will die! There is no question, no doubt. All air traffic, all naval vessels must be gotten out of the area! Let's go to work, ladies and gentlemen!"
Everyone quickly went to work. "That's well out of the shipping lanes," an officer remarked. "But there's one island right on the edge of the circle inhabited, about fifty people. They have no air strip. The island's too small!" Major West quickly went over to a computer. "There's three sea planes," she snapped, "an hour away at this resort! They could get out that many people. Contact the owner of the company, tell him we have an emergency and he has to pick up those people. I'm quite sure he'll oblige."
The General looked at the Major. "Just curiosity," he remarked, "but how did you know that pertinent information?"
"The man's my father, sir," the Major answered. "I helped him work the business from the time I was a little girl."
The General smiled. "Providence always provides!" he remarked.
They continued working and the Major noticed many of the men kept glancing at the marine corps officer with longing looks! Finally she spoke up.
"Gentlemen, this woman is an officer in the military service of The United States! I suggest you stop seeing the woman in the uniform and start seeing the uniform!"
There were a lot of "Yes ma'am!"s in reply. The female officer nodded to West and she returned the courtesy. A while later another officer spoke up.
"Sir, we've got a ship well inside the circle and headed in deeper. Don't know what they're doing there but there's nothing we can get to them."
The General looked at the map. "The nuclear submarine The George Washington is fifteen minutes away, or will be when you contact them. Have them rendevous with the ship, pick up its crew, and dive to their maximum depth.
When they reach that depth they are to shut everything down. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a magnetic pulse coming. It will destroy every satellite that is functioning, that is not in the Earth's shadow at the time it occurs. All satellites must be shut down before that pulse hits. Get to work, people! There's a lot of very valuable equipment up there we must protect!"
"Sir!" an officer complained, "If we shut everything down we'll have no tellemitry! We won't be able to monitor progress."

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