April 4, 2,007
Oprah's Victory

The Kingdom Of God is not surprised about what happened with the immigration protests in Los Angeles. They have no doubt that this situation was caused by the residu from the spiritual battles there. Everybody was on edge because of being exposed to the negative energy that was released. Some of the demons in the area may have well urged it on. Though they are not at their peak of power, some of them are very weak, such an opportunity was perfect for them! The Kingdom Of God does not support illegal immigration. They have a great problem with the word illegal, and those that do not respect the laws, and They believe a nation has a right to control who comes into it from the outside. And people coming into The United States illegally have no right to complain. Jesus has put forth His statements on how the matter should be handled. We don't have time to go into it again. Though many will not believe it, the situation would've been far worse if The Kingdom Of God's Forces had not worked diligently to keep the situation from exploding into all out chaos, and, battles in the street! It is still a very volitile situation and will be as long as the current spiritual situation in LA exists. The barriers that have been put up will help. But the creatures of Darkness will be looking for anything they can to stir up trouble.
We realized yesterday that Jesus' reply to Salma Heyek will be out Saturday. So we are giving people the link to it today so they may have it to talk about Friday. The title is "Sacred Love." Jesus considers it really important. It is a message to all the women of the world.


We have changed the Hollywood ad, put up a special page with the basic information and a link to the last magazine. You might want to check it out.


Here's a little tidbit from Theodore Roosevelt!
"Theodore Roosevelt, here! Being president of The United States I was party to many secrets, some of which, because of age old agreements I cannot reveal. But I will reveal how much I admire Speaker Gerald Polley, and how much I appreciate all he has done for the good old U.S.A. and undoubtedly how much he will do in the future! I hid my problems, my shortcomings. I always thought I would be considered less of a man if they were known to the public. Gerald hides none of his difficulties. He tells everybody of his shortcomings and then praises the people that have helped him overcome them, and enabled him to do the things that he has done. I think in life, this is the wiser path. A man that hides his faults must always worry about those faults being exposed, and people becoming aware that he is not the perfect man, not without problems. A man's problems, his difficulties, is what makes him the man he is. Many times Gerald could've given up, could've quit, gone on welfare, lived an easy life. But instead he has always found a way to keep going, keep working, keep struggling,and if that isn't something to admire a man for, I don't know what is. This country's in trouble, far more than people are even aware of! The whole world is in trouble! It needs somebody that'll speak the truth, that doesn't hide things, that tells it like it is. And I think Gerald is that man. I have gone through The Holiest Of All many times, been greeted by God, but not had any great conversations with Him. To my knowledge thusfar, Gerald has had five! I must say this impresses me! If God thinks he's worthy to talk to, I think a hell of a lot of other people should think he's worthy to talk to! It may have taken them five thousand years to get on a speaking basis, but they are having meaningful conversations, and the public should insist that those conversations continue, because their survival depends on it! Oh, everybody's supposed to give a little message to identify themselves to. Well, I want to send a message to my old associates, those of them that are still alive. Maypole. They'll understand what it means and know it's from me. I could also mention Daylight, but I'm not sure there's anybody still alive that will remember that! If there is, that's a good one too! Theodore Roosevelt, A Resident Of The Kingdom Of God, Proudly Leading The People From My Era, And Hoping We're Making A Difference."
In Thursday's "Here's Jesus!" our friend Lorn's questions from 2,002 continue with "Why must Israel be protected?" and, "Are people responsible when they see evil and do nothing?" We had almost forgotten how great these episodes are! Be sure to check them out!


Here's an absolutely strange one! Jimmy Kimmel announced that Oprah Winfrey was going to be on his show, then said that there were many Oprah Winfreys and one was going to be on his show. So Everybody's a little confused. But the story went out among all the demons around Los Angeles, and two of the worst of them came to Those serving The Kingdom Of God's Forces and said "We give up! Help us! Protect us! If Oprah comes here it will destroy us! We won't have enough energy to resist her power! We're just about starving. We have to have energy. There's not enough. Please, let us feed! We'll be good! We'll never get in the fight again! Help us!" The demons helping us agreed, fed them, and put them in a safe place. The mere mention that Oprah might be on Kimmel gave The Kingdom Of God a considerable victory! Two of the worst are out of Our way!

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