May 5, 2,007
Will Demons Keep Their Word?

The Kingdom Of God considers that Time Magazine's list of the most influential people is sick, disgusting! It shows how depraved the world has become, that people such as these are considered the leaders in the world. They are absolutely disgusted that they praise Rosie O'Donnell and Hillary Clinton, two of the worst creatures of Darkness that exist on Earth!
We mentioned in yesterday's email, the two demons that surrendered and have agreed to stop fighting The Kingdom Of God, to stop opposing Jesus. We have been asked how do we know that when they reenergize, are stronger again, they won't break their word and start fighting Jesus again? Well, while creatures of Darkness are despicable, they are good to their word. When they give a promise they keep it! There has never been a case of where they have agreed to something they have not done what they said they would do. So The Kingdom Of God is pretty certain these will keep their word, and keep out of the fighting until the situation is resolved. But of course, after that they'll undoubtedly go back to their old ways. They have decided to live as long as they can, anyway, and they fully know the result of betraying any agreements made with The Kingdom Of God! They might be insane but they're not stupid!
Jesus wants to let the world know that if Isaiah Washington makes commercials supporting homosexuality and lesbianism he will lose his place in The Kingdom Of God. Jesus will cease to recognize him as one of God's children. If he sodomizes children in order to be popular then he will never enter into The Kingdom Of God. Homosexuality and lesbianism is an abomination. It is completely unacceptable in any way. Anyone who supports it will be damned by God because they are destroying His children. That's it, no compromise, no middle ground, no understanding, no alternative. If you support homosexuality you are doomed! End of discussion!
In Friday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers the questions, "Who is more guilty, the one who commits the crime or the one who has knowledge of it and keeps it a secret?" and, "Can you have more than one soul mate?"

Here's a few cute comments from Lou Costello!
Lou Costello, here! Several years ago I did an interview with The Polleys in their magazine. I was highly impressed at their lack of fear of The IRS. They allowed me to tell the world how much I despise the blood suckers that bleed the citizens of The United States dry so senators can have their mansions and their mistresses, and reward their relatives with tax money. Few will speak out against the government, few will say that it is wrong for the government to take everything somebody owns because somebody made a mistake on their taxes, or, stole from them. I will always be grateful to The Polleys, and that they put their delightful book up online telling of the movies that Abbott & I have been making in The Afterlife has also delighted me! Everyone that visits it and thinks kind thoughts of me sends me energy that I use to help others. I cannot understand why The Polleys are not the hottest thing in the world, the ones everybody comes to when they have problems! The fakes give everybody what they want to hear. The Polleys give people what they need. Maybe that's why they're not popular. But anyway, I support them, and as long as I exist I will support them! Everybody keeps trying to give some message that people will recognize. I speak to an old friend. You have the rough outline of "Who's The Quarterback?" I wish you would share it with the world. I still think it's a great line when I say "How can they make a poor man play a rough game like football when he only has half a back, Abbott?" I think it is a fantastic line! The first time we performed it for Gerald he just about died laughing, I'm not kidding! He almost choked! And very little makes him laugh. That we gave him a few moments of pleasure was the greatest moments of our existence! Wake up, people! Listen to the truth! Lou Costello, A Resident Of The Kingdom Of God And Somebody Who Still Despises The IRS. And God Lets Me Do It, So Pfffffffffffffffth!

Here's a link to our book that Lou was speaking of !

Linda has finished typing the next Book of The Peoples History, "The Book Of The Dove." She's working on the illustrations and we should be able to get it printed in a couple of weeks, if we have any money. We're running out rapidly! Jesus keeps hoping that somebody will come along with a couple of thousand dollars for us so we can catch up the hospital bills and work on some other things. But Gerald doesn't like His ideas of trying to do fund raisers. It's just not our way. We would rather find a publisher and sell Gerald's books, make money and bring The Lords to the public. That is our way. We would raise funds for projects like Homes For The Homeless and feeding hungry children, but we would rather support the Work in other ways. It's just the way we are.
Where W. C. Fields gave us an endorsment the other day we have been able to take a few minutes and put his issue of Voices back online. Unfortunately Lou Costello's hasn't been typed on the computer yet. We'll get to it as soon as possible. Anyway we hope you enjoy this visit to 1988! Ten years before we met John Lennon! Here's the link.


America is therefore the land of the future, where, in the ages that lie before us, the burden of the World's History shall reveal itself. ( Georg W. Hegel )

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