May 6, 2,007
Jesus On Hasselhoff & Paris

People got a great kick out of us saying that Johnny Cash sings Gerald's new song in The Afterlife! Well, actually, he sings several of them, songs Gerald wrote years ago, besides the new one. He sings "Risin' 'Gainst The Klan," "The Devlin Stage," "Death's Hungry Gun," "The Lawman," and "True Dixie," songs we can't do much with in the material world because they use the music of other songs, except for "Risin' 'Gainst The Klan." Johnny usually starts off with Gerald's new song, saying he's going to sing The Speaker's song to raise power for Jesus, then he does "Folsom Prison Blues," "Risin' 'Gainst The Klan," "Ring Of Fire" with his wife, and so on. He usually concludes his concert with Gerald's song "Fire In The Hole," which was written for Johnny years ago, but Gerald could never get to him. Now Johnny couldn't do a concert without singing it! The public would not allow it! He's become as famous in The Afterlife for that as any of the songs he sung in his lifetime! Johnny was thinking of doing an endorsement, but just said to tell everybody what he was doing and if they couldn't figure out how much he liked us from that, then people were pretty damned stupid! He says he loves our Work and wishes alot of other people did. He has to do "Whacko The Clown" at every performance. It just sounds fantastic with him and June doing it and the crowds go crazy over it. If we could get only a fraction of the attention in the material world that we get in The Afterlife we would be able to perform our mission without difficulty!
Linda has been busier than usual the past few nights and got two more back issues of Voices up and running! These are the historic ones concerniing the 2,000 Presidential Election and how John Lennon and The Kingdom Of God helped save the world. They even contain Linda's first sketch of John that appeared in our documentary "Where Has Eternity Gone?" which was filmed during election week, and the email that was read in the movie! Check them out when you can! More to come soon!

Saturday's "Here's Jesus!" is the important one we mentioned in Friday's email concerning Jesus answering questions about Salma Hayek's comments, "Does The Bible make birth and sex seem dirty because of the virgin birth?" and "Are women almost like God because they create other human beings?" If you missed it be sure to check it out!

In Sunday's "Here's Jesus!" he answers more questions from our friend Lorn in 2,002, "Do the people in The Kingdom Of God have The Bible memorized?" and "Who were Adam & Eve?" Two very important topics!

We've been asked if Jesus is punishing David Hasselhoff or will He be able to help him? Jesus says "Why should I need to help him? Maybe give him some acting lessons! That was the worst publicity stunt I ever saw! Give us a break Dave! Snap out of it! I've got some important work for you to do. Stop clowning around! That was pathetic! Do you really think anybody was going to believe that con job? You're a good man. Stop this nonsense!" That's all Jesus has to say on that matter.
We've also been asked what He thinks of Paris Hilton being sentenced to jail. Jesus says "About time!" He would like to personally give that young lady a spanking and tell her to straighten up her act! But on the other hand that might be a bad idea. She's probably enjoy it! But this is a woman with a great deal of potential and Jesus wishes very much that she would change her negative lifestyle and begin contributing to the world. There is very much that she could do for it if she would stop being Hollywood's bad girl to keep in the limelight. It's a lifestyle that will only lead her to eternal death, where if she was to serve God she would have a place in the stars. That's what Jesus has to say about Paris Hilton!
Jesus had Linda send a short message to t.v. stations in Texas about Johnny Cash singing Gerald's song, "Two Brave Texas Men" and asked them to get in contact with some Texas Rangers and ask them what they thought of the song. No replies. However, the energy in Texas skyrocketed! We haven't checked the stats yet to see if there's any visits to the song, but one of the emails hit somebody!
One further thing Jesus wanted to comment on. Saw a documentary where some people were attacking The Mormons and one guy said he left the church after many years of service because he says Joseph Smith's teachings were totally false. Jesus says contraire! Joseph Smith's basic teachings were totally accurate! There was a thirteenth tribe of Israel that separated from the others after the exodus and made their way to South America. They had a small civilization there for some time, that was eventually wiped out by the natives. But Jesus did visit them before they were destroyed. Jesus believes that some day archeological evidence will be found proving this. Joseph Smith's teachings were not false!


Can Demons Be Intimate With Each Other?

Here's one of these off beat questions. We've mentioned succubus, demons who draw sexual energy from victims of the opposite sex, but can demons themselves, have sex? Can they be intimate with each other? The answer is no, can't do that! The only time demons touch each other is when they try to draw energy out of another demon to sustain themselves. And you can bet the other demons don't like that! As one of our dear friends has said, "No wonder they're always so despisable all the time!"

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