May 7, 2,007
Hirohito Speaks Out

We have been asked if Johnny Cash has taken part in any of the spiritual battles in Los Angeles. No. But both him and his wife have taken part in the spiritual battles around Ellsworth, Maine. They volunteered to be in the reserves and on two occassions towards the end of the day's fighting had to go in to replace wounded Angelic Warriors. On both occassions they made a good account of themselves, and received no wounds. Just about everyone is taking part in the fighting, taking a turn on the lines. Those who are not actually taking part in the fighting are helping the Healers treat the injured. It is an all out effort.
Our friend Elgard took us out to supper Saturday night and then to Spiderman 3. The critics are idiots! Great movie! Can't beat those special effects! As Those in The Afterlife knew we were planning to go They didn't have anybody else transmit it and just about everything shut down as it was simultaneiously broadcast on all media as we watched it! The creatures of Darkness were even oblidging and caused no trouble through the whole movie! It was an enjoyable time for everybody!
However, the creatures of Darkness weren't pleasant for the rest of the night! The spiritual attacks around Ellsworth, Maine were again horrendous! And the greater portion of The Kingdom Of God's Forces were there. But there were also skirmishes around Los Angeles, Dallas, and here, around Bismarck. The attacks around Dallas are getting heavy, and again assistance was offered to The Defenders. But They answered, "No, Texans can handle these nuisances! Nothing here we can't deal with! There's still plenty of Texans loyal to Jesus." However, Gen. Hood and the rest of the Texans who had been with The Confederacy who had been helping in Los Angeles returned home just to lend a hand. The demons in that area do not seem to like our efforts to reach the Texas media. They don't want Moses taking up earthly residence in Dallas! But what they don't like doesn't matter much to The Kingdom Of God and Its Defenders!
We have been asked "Who else sings our music in The Afterlife?" Well, just about Everybody, perhaps the most unusual one being the Emperor Showa, known in America as Hirohito. He has become quite a performer in The Afterlife and is extremely fond of anything western, and has what he calls, a spiritual attachment to Gerald because he believes he is the descendant of one of Gerald's three sons that he had when he first arrived on Earth thousands of years ago, and always insists that Gerald refer to him by his Earthly name, rather than his spiritual name, as he considers Gerald a brother. The Emperor speaks to the people and performs four times a month. The people would be disappointed if he did not sing Gerald's songs during those performances. Hirohito would like to make a few comments here.
"Emperor Showa here, but to The Blessed Ones, The Ones Of Old, The Spirits Of Our Ancestors, I am Hirohito, Their friend and Their brother. I say to all the world, that Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley are my sacred Sun Rays, the lights that illuminate my soul and keep the Darkness away from me! I hope that in time, all of my people come to understand that they are the same to them. They are The Light that Their Ancestors have sent into the world to guide them out of Darkness and to restore them to the greatness that is truly theirs. In time they will drive the creatures of Darkness from Japan and fill the Japanese people with the light of truth and love, the times that we fought to rule the world will be forgotten, as We fight to defend the world against all evil, and make it a place where the people of every race can live in peace and follow the way of their Fathers without fear where no man is hated because of what he believes but where all men that will live in peace with their neighbors are protected by all their neighbors that would live in peace with them. The Japanese people have to come to understand that it is not wrong to fight for what is right. It is wrong to fight to enslave others, to bend them to your will, to dominate them. But it is just to fight to make men free, to let them live as they desire to live, as long as they do no harm to others. The Rays Of Light teach this, the blessings from Our Fathers give Us the power to do this. All the world must stand with them, all the world must understand them. Those who cheat and lie to gain power must be turned from! Those who will support any evil to be popular must be forsaken! Those who speak the truth must be followed and Our Beams Of Light, Our Rays From The Sun speak the truth. I follow them, and I desire that all my people follow them, for it would be for their good if they do. The Emporer Showa, Still A Leader Of My People, Still Devoted To My Ancestors but a Defender Of Jesus Of Nazareth Called The Christ, And The Supporter Of His Kingdom Because If His Kingdom Falls All Of Mankind Falls! So I Will Fight Beside Him Until I Cease To Exist."
It continues to puzzle Us why the demons are fighting so hard. Though again We are receiving tremendous spiritual energy from everywhere that We are reaching out. We have not had contact from a single person, though Gerald was dreaming that people in Dallas were joining the effort to try to find us a publisher and everybody else was getting mad because so many people were trying to steal us away! But we have not had one email from anywhere! Why the demons are so determined to stop the effort in Ellsworth is a mystery! And how The Holiest Of All continues to stay there, even more a mystery! But We are slowly but surely draining the creatures of Darkness dry. Unfortunately We are also draining their living hosts. Sooner or later something has to give, hopefully before mankind is doomed!


Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is. ( Benjamin Franklin )

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