May 8, 07
Where's Joseph?

We have been speaking a lot about Mary, Jesus' mother, but people have noticed that we have not been speaking of her husband, Joseph, Jesus' earthly father, and were wondering about him. Well, Joseph isn't in The Afterlife. He is now a rather well known religious leader in The United States who stands firmly against sodomy. He came into the world to help with The Awakening so that God's people and The Children Of The Lords would not fight one another, but understand and work with each other. The current crisis, however, has given him other duties, which he is performing very well. Mary's male companion at this time is the Greek deliverer Demonicus, who is an able fighter and has been assisting Mary in her work protecting The Saudi Royal Family. But Mary is not sure how long she will be continuing in that effort. She has been approached by a committee from Chicago who want to try to find an earthly residence for her there, to increase The Kingdom Of God's circle of power in The United States. They believe that with an earthly residence there, Mary may be even better able to protect The Saudis. Mary, however, is resisting this. She would like to establish an earthly residence in Rhiad, the capitol of Saudi Arabia. If a Christian community could be found there that would accept her. She would like to see another take up residence in Chicago. You can understand there is a great controversy brewing between The Saudis and the people from Chicago. But we're sure it will work itself out.
In Monday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers another 2,002 question from our friend Lorn, "What would you say to ministers that say not to listen to spirits?" and, a new one from Linda "Has there been any improvement in people believing in The Afterlife?" We're sure you'll find this episode of interest!

Someone has complained "I know you don't believe in Catholocism, you condemn it constantly. Why are you praising a Pope? Why are you telling the world he's doing all of these marvelous things? Isn't this helping Catholocism? You need to be constant, you can't praise your enemies!" Well, first of all, John Paul is not Our enemy! He's a servant of God. And rather We like Catholocism or not, it may be one of the most messed up religions in the world, We have to report what Those in The Afterlife are doing. And when one is giving tremendous service to God's people in The Afterlife or, in the material world, We have to report that fact! Though The Catholic Church is full of mistruths, over the ages it has managed to produce some of The Kingdom Of God's greatest heroes, men and women who overcame those errors, saw the truth, and did a great deal of good through the church, though They were often fought by the church. Our job is to never censor what is being given to us from The Afterlife, to tell people exactly what is happening to the best of our abilities. If a former Pope is becoming a hero in the current struggle, more power to him, and We mean that literally!
We are running into a strange phenomena lately with people that say though they believe in Angels they don't believe in demons. Well, how can anyone not believe in demons when The Bible speaks of them constantly? No Christian can say they are a Christian and then say that they do not believe in demons. Jesus fought demons during His ministry, cast out many of them. Some claim what He was actually doing was curing mental illness. But Jesus clearly stated that He had driven out creatures of Darkness. Denying demons is denying The Scriptures! There have always been demons, there will always be demons! Unfortunately in each generation there will always be some that take the wrong track, go down the wrong path and seize the dark powers rather than The Light. To try to pretend that there is no evil, that there are no creatures of Darkness is pure folly and dangerous, very, very dangerous!
We were checking out the synagogues in Dallas, Texas for Moses. He was trying to get an idea which would be the best one for his earthly residence. Unfortunately a lot of their web sites weren't working, so we couldn't do too much. But we came across one synagogue that proudly announced that it was gay and lesbian, and this enraged Moses! "I will destroy them!" he cried, "I will crush them! How could anyone claim to be of The Children Of Israel and sodomize their sons and daughters? I will bring them down! I will bring down every one in this abomination that says they are of God! I will expose their evil again and agian until they are driven from this community! I will not let them keep any secrets. I will expose every evil their leaders are doing. They are not of Israel, they are not of God! I WILL destroy them!" We think this synagogue's got a problem! They don't know it, but one of the most powerful Light Givers on Earth has singled them out. They're in for all kinds of trouble, all kinds of trouble!
"Richard Nixon, here! I just want to make a few comments that I am in complete support of The Polleys and I believe every American should be, even though I am not very popular with Gerald. And he thinks my going to China was a terrible mistake. Well, I'm beginning to think that, too! No matter how well your intentions, sometimes you do things that are totally wrong and you don't realize it until long afterwards! I thought bringing China into the world was a good thing. I've obviously been proven wrong! Anyway, everybody tries to give a little message. Well, I have a message for the former members of my staff. Hopscotch. They'll understand! That's the thing about being President! You can express an awful lot in one word! And Hopscotch is one of those words with me. Anybody that knows me and is told I sent that message back to Earth will know that message is from me! Richard Nixon, A Resident Of The Kingdom Of God, A Defender Of Its Lord, And All Of His Servants, Now, And Forever."


The price of greatness is responsibility. ( Sir Winston Churchill )

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