May 9, 2,007
Disney Commits

The question has arisen "Why would Mary seek a Christian church in The Saudi Capitol if she wanted an earthly residence in that country? Why would she not try to establish a residence in Mecca?" Well, Mecca is the seat of Islam, the Throne of Muhammed's power on Earth. Mary thought that The Islamic People might be offended if she tried to establish an earthly residence there. Of course if the Saudi women called for her and welcomed her to some mosque there, and prayed for her each day to be given God's power, so that she could defend their Royal Family, she would certainly take up residence there! But she feels that the capitol would be better, and that a Christian community would be better so that the world would be shown that The Christians in Saudi Arabia supported the Saudi government, and were empowering Mary to protect it. Those in The Kingdom Of God think her reasoning is very sound!
We were watching "60 Minutes" Sunday. They had Teri Horton on who has a painting by expressionist Jackson Pollock who the experts won't authenticate, even though it has Pollock's fingerprint on it! Well, we were thinking of trying to contact Pollock to get his opinion on the matter, when he contacted us, saying he was outraged that the work wasn't being accepted and people were not offering the owner what it was worth! We cannot publish his actual remarks but let's just say he has very little regard for the experts! He is quite sure they know that this is his painting. As mildly as we can put it he says they're total asses because they won't authenticate it because the owner is just an ordinary person. That's as kindly as we can make his remarks on that matter. But he wanted to make some other comments. Here they are.
"Jackson Pollock, here! I want to say that I am a great admirer of The Polleys. They do very hard work and are very skilled in everything they do. I love Linda's illustrations for their Books, because they are so pure and childlike, yet convey the character of the people perfectly! They are works from the heart, and that gives them a profound beauty that is better than the most skilled artist. And I find Gerald's works somewhat like my own! He hates being called an abstractionist but I think some day his works, even the most simple ones, will be greatly treasured when the public wakes up to them. As John Lennon says, they are windows to his soul at the different times he is creating them, and that is one incredible soul! I wish some art supplier would supply him with canvases and paint, and a decent studio where he could work, and the world would get a great deal of treasure. The horror of his works that have been destroyed and only now exist on the internet is beyond my comprehension. No more must ever be destroyed! They must be available for future generations to see in museums! Everyone is asked to give some little bit of information that identifies them. I can't think of a darned thing! Everybody knew I was an eccentric and I thought people that liked my works were crazy! What more can be said? I once told a friend that I wish I could paint like Leonardo DaVinci. I would love to have produced something comparable to The Mona Lisa but knew I had nowhere near the talent. That's all I can say. The Polleys are great! Anybody that doesn't listen to them is already brain dead, nothing can be done for them! Jackson Pollock, A Resident Of The Spiritist Republic, Steadfastly Devoted To All Their Philosophies, Who Still Makes Occasional Visits To The Kingdom Of God And Is Very Welcomed. And Like Everyone Else If I Can Get A Whack At Any Of These Creatures Of Darkness Fighting Its Lord I'll Take It!"
And we need those people that will take whacks at the creatures of Darkness! The intensity of the spiritual battles around Ellsworth, Maine continues to be beyond the belief of all of Those viewing them! Night after night the creatures of Darkness throw everything they have at The Defenders. Night after night they are driven off. Somehow we need to get more publicity about what is happening there, reach the local people, or get people from the outside to go in and begin the Work. Jesus has several in mind but they are so tied up in their own petty existence and trying to continue their earthly fame they won't hear God's call. But He hopes to have a breakthrough soon. He has given up the hope of finding a church in California that will be His earthly residence. They have shut off the effort in the church He was trying to reach. Now He is trying to reach the executives of ABC and get them to let Him use one of their theaters in Hollywood to hold religious services every Sunday and have them broadcast to the world, to go head to head with the fake t.v. evangelists that are raising millions of dollars for their companies but are destroying more souls than they are saving. Gerald does not know if he would be able to take on such an effort. But if it could be put together he would surely try! He supposes a theater could become Jesus' earthly residence just as well as a church if that theater has already been the source of Jesus' power for some time. We doubt if it could ever be put together but it would be something, Jesus speaking directly to the people each week telling mankind what was happening and rallying the people! No wonder the demons are terrified of Him making His earthly residence in Hollywood! As ABC is owned by Disney, Walt Disney has announced that he will make reaching its executives his personal task, even if he destroys himself in the effort, drains himself for Jesus. He will bombard the executives at Disney and ABC daily with messages trying to get them to rally to Jesus' cause and put Him on the air. He feels responsible for much of the current problem because a pervert took over The Disney Cooperation and corrupted much of his work. Disney wants his legacy firmly back in God's camp, back in God's service.
In Tuesday's "Here's Jesus!" Lorn's October, 2,002 week of questions continues as Jesus answers "How many Lords Of Light are there? and "Can a Lord Of Light destroy a soul?" Surprising!

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