May 9, 2,007
Wounds Or Infections, What Are They?

Some strange things continue to happen here! Almost on a daily basis there is phenomena of some kind. Gerald has been waking up for the last few months with strange marks on his body. We have been unable to get any clear pictures of these marks until now! Tuesday morning they were so pronounced that we were able to get some good images with the web cam. We have set them up on an internet page to make it easier for people to get to them. We will make that page part of our magazine later. But right now we wanted to get these images out to people while the marks are fresh so people can see what we're talking about. As it says on the page Gerald doesn't know exactly what these things are, but he can tell you one thing, they hurt! Here's the link.

Gerald had a good visit to the dentist Monday. One filling taken care of. Not bad, only about a hundred dollars! He's got to go back next Monday for two more! But it's something that has to be taken care of. We're really running up the credit card bills but it can't be helped. These are things that have been put off too long and have to be taken care of. Some people thought these marks might have had something to do with the dental visit, but Gerald has had them before when he hadn't been to the dentist, so he does not think that is a possibility.

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