May 10, 2,007
Truth Is Everything!

The strangest thing happened Monday just before we left for the dentist. One of Gerald's Spirit Workers came to him and said "I have a message from someone in The Afterlife that wants to endorse you. He wants to endorse you and tell about some material he'd gotten about John Kennedy which he destroyed that a friend of his, Frank, would know about." Gerald said "O.k. Just as soon as we can he can come through!" Then Gerald thought a second and said "Hey, wait a minute! He's still alive! I just saw him on something the other day that I thought was new." We checked on the internet and found indeed, this person was still alive, that he's 90 something. Gerald asked his Worker "Are you sure it was this person?" He said "Yes sir! I used all the standard proceedures, asked all the appropriate test questions. I would've sworn it was the correct person!" "Well, it wasn't," Gerald answered, "If he returns summon The Angelic Guard. This is a major concern! Never before has anyone been able to deceive our Workers in The Afterlife. That this could happen is a very bad sign! The only possibility could be that this person is leaving his body and going into The Afterlife and communicating with people there. But this only happens when people are in advanced alzheimers or, in a coma! As far as we know, this person is not suffering from either of these conditions! This is a very profound mystery and one that we do not like!
Afterlife had a completely quiet night. There were no demon attacks around Ellsworth, Maine, or, anywhere else for that matter! The demons could not even be heard anywhere. It is believed they are drawing power for another all out effort on the sabbath, and hoping for bad weather in the Ellsworth area so they can continue an all day attack. We pray for a clear, sunny day throughout Friday, which would make it impossible for them to mount such an effort.
Has anybody noticed the Hollywood types are getting arrested right and left? They seem to be having an awful lot of bad luck! We wonder what's causing that! The Kingdom Of God is praying they have a lot more. They want to bring down the leaders of the corruption in Hollywood. It looks like they've already taken a pretty good shot at HBO! And They are looking for more, any weak point. They still wish the young lady who had been attacked by the lesbian magazine had been sued! That anyone who they say is a lesbian would sue them for violation of their privacy and slander until they are driven right out of business. The same thing for the gay magazines. Though The Kingdom Of God does not approve of it the quiet homosexual is not a threat to Them. The ones who keep what they do at home behind closed doors are of no concern to them. It's the ones on television screaming "I'm gay, I'm proud, do what I do!" that They must destroy. The homosexuals that keep to themselves will do the world little harm and find a welcome in The Afterlife. Our enemies are those that are trying to teach their sickness to Our children, and they are the ones We will hunt and destroy, no compassion, no pity, no understanding, We will bring them down any way We can! That is The Kingdom Of God's way!
In Wednesday's "Here's Jesus!" He comments on "When would the destroying of a soul be considered?" and "Are You a Lord Of Light?

Here are a few words from Edward R. Murrow!
"Edward R. Murrow here! I have to say that I am a profound admirer of The Polleys! If there were ever members of the press, and I consider them members of the press, that are known for their honesty and reporting things just as they are, it is these two fine Americans. Truth, to them, is not something to be played with, but an absolute, an unquestioned and secure thing that must be followed at all costs, even if it destroys friendships and makes enemies. Truth is the ultimate goal. It is the nature of their People, and the key to their greatness. They will take on anyone when the truth needs to be told! I was praised for my courage in taking on one of the most corrupt people in my nation and bringing him down. The Polleys do ten times what I ever did daily! No evil is safe from them. they will expose any and tell the world what they are truly doing. And for that The American People should rally to them and support them in every way. That I am a representative of the press here in The Afterlife and part of the organization that daily reports what they are doing fills me with a pride that is beyond description! To be part of this great struggle is to be part of history, itself, part of the very existence of life on Earth. It is said that every reporter should be impartial. Well, no matter how much any reporter says they are, they're not! They all have their favorite causes. Just as Gerald, mine was to expose evil and attack those supporting it. I did not care at what cost, I would expose the truth. That is why Gerald and I will always be kindred spirits. It is said he lives for one purpose, to hunt and destroy evil, and exposing the truth is the greatest way to destroy evil. I reach out to an old friend of mine to tell him that he does not have much more time in the material world, but if he wants to make a difference, if he truly wants to make a mark on this world, put all of his efforts behind The Polleys. Make them the most famous thing in this world. Make the world aware of their power, and how important the struggle is that they're leading and then you will achieve your goal. Years ago I told you I have seen the black river, I have smelled the stench of death and I know what is coming if the world does not change course; slow and agonizing death, because we have poisoned the very world we live in. Do remember I told you this long before any others saw the problem, and take the place that you are supposed to have. Cast aside your doubts, cast aside your fears, worry about nothing, but go straightforward and support those who are struggling to save the human race. Edward R. Murrow, A Resident Of The Kingdom Of God, Wrongly, I Believe, Considered One Of Its Heroes, But A Servant Of Its Steward Now, And, Forever."

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