May 11, 2,007
Bye Bye Tammy!

We've been asked what Jesus thinks of O.J. Simpson being thrown out of a restaurant by the owner after The Kentucky Derby because he thinks Simpson was guilty of the murder of his wife and Ron Goldman. Jesus says this is a restaurant owner's right. Many disagree with that verdict, including Him. He thinks that jury was very wrong, that there was plenty of evidence against O.J. but that is His personal opinion. If O.J. makes it to The Gates Of Heaven Jesus will know the truth. Most people will suspect He will be telling O.J. to take a long walk, there's no place for him in Heaven. For that we will just have to wait and see, unless of course, O.J. confesses before he dies, but we doubt that's ever gonna happen!
We've also been asked "What does Jesus think of the efforts to get Gov. Schwarzenegger to pardon Paris Hilton so she will not have to do jail time?" Jesus' comment is and we quote, "You're kidding me, you really must be kidding me!"
Speaking of the time coming for God's enemies, We hear that Tammy Faye Bakker is about to make her trip into eternal death. It absolutely amazes Us that after the evil of this woman was exposed everything that her and her husband did made public, there are people that still worship her, that still believe she is a servant of God! They have no comprehension at all, that this woman will only survive microseconds after her death because of all the agony that she caused others with her false teachings. She stole millions of dollars from people that could not afford it, tricked them into giving her a luxurious lifestyle while she spread false teachings that had nothing to do with God, whatsoever! Her ability to cry on demand made people think she was a caring person, but they were tears of greed and lust, not in any way sympathy for anyone. So The Kingdom Of God will have no sympathy for her! She is supplying the power that the dark ones are using to fight Jesus and it is destroying her. There's no doubt of it, there's no question of it. Those in The Afterlife can read the energy signatures. Her new husband is building churches, but what is being done in those churches, what is being taught? Are the people in those churches sodomizing God's children, are they destroying them? Tammy can deceive the living, she cannot deceive The Lord Of Heaven! We have been asked "Is there any way to save Tammy?" Of course! If before her death she comes out publicly and admits all her evil, tells the world she was fully aware of what was going on, and that her ministry was a con game, if she denounces sodomy and supports The Kingdom Of God's Servants in their battle to save mankind, and asks all her followers to do so, there is a chance for her, like anyone. But she will never take that chance. She will go to her death claiming that she was totally justified in what she did and that will destroy her forever. God gives everyone a chance. Unfortunately many people won't take it.
Linda has been able to put up another back issue of Voices from 2,002. This one features one of Gerald's humorous art works concerning what Al Gore would like for a flag if he was elected President.

In Thursday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers a question that was sent in by our old friend DJ Dave Wilson of WIBC, in Indianapolis, IN, in 2,002 "Does God ever regret giving man free will?" and in segment two from another listener "Can you give us some jokes you and The Apostles told?"

Walt Disney dictated a profound letter to us and had it sent to certain people at ABC. In it he describes what they have already done and asks them to do more for The Kingdom Of God. Disney is making an all out effort to save his legacy. He is delighted that the hideous copy of Mickey Mouse that was being used to teach children to hate has been taken off Palestinian television. He considers it a small victory. But he wants his network, his legacy, to be the one that saves God's people. In the letter he says that he always considered Disneyland a tiny part of Heaven on Earth where weary children of any age, for a few hours, could forget the troubles of the world. He wants to make sure that the real Heaven continues to exist forever. Gerald has always wanted to get to Disneyland because he believes what Walt says, wholeheartedly, that he did create a place of magic that thousands have tried to copy but never succeeded.
Here are a few words from Dwight D. Eisenhower!
"Dwight D. Eisenhower here, former President Of The United States. I must tell the world that I support the efforts of The Polleys 100%! They are fighting for the very existence of mankind, for the continued existence of Heaven, and they should have the support of every American, no matter their race, their religion, no matter where in the world they came from they should support those fighting for God, even if they disagree with them in some things. As a high military commander, and as President Of The United States I was party to information that proved to me that there were powers beyond the material, that were supporting and protecting the righteous, even in their darkest hours. Everyone is asked to give something to identify themselves. I give three words to everyone in Washington that has knowledge of the secrets that I was aware of. The Omega Files. It is time to stop resisting those powers that have so long protected us, time to stop feeling that our political power and our military might is superior to all else! We must acknowledge those powers that time and time again, gave us victory. To continue to try to oppose them to maintain our political power for a little while longer is complete folly, and is dooming the human race. Dwight D. Eisenhower, A Resident Of The Kingdom Of God, And A Servant Of Its Steward, Now, And, Forever."

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