May 12, 2,007
Why So Bitter?

Things continue to be quiet on all fronts. There have been no demon attacks anywhere! They have even been quiet in Iraq, refusing to engage there. It is expected that the major attack will come on true midnight Saturday morning. There are signs everywhere, around Ellsworth, Maine, around Los Angeles, around Dallas, and around here in North Dakota. The demons are gathering for a major assault. But The Kingdom Of God is ready and waiting. The demons giving Them time to regenerate is the worst thing they could do! The Kingdom Of God is at Its full power, and the creatures of Darkness' agents are dying all over the world. We see more and more of it, and We are seeing signs that people are beginning to respond to The Kingdom Of God's messages! Positive things are happening! We only pray that We can build them in a solidified effort.
Here's another one of those strange mysteries that is so perplexing The Kingdom Of God. Thursday The Kingdom Of God got a tremendous surge of energy from the Los Angeles area. It was like thousands of people suddenly turned to The Kingdom Of God's cause and energy started flowing from there on tremendous levels. But as it was coming from an area where we already have several power sources We couldn't trace it back to its origin and We would very much like to know who generated it. If anybody has heard of any mention of us in that area, we would like to know who it was that mentioned us, and what they were talking about that it so reached the people! Because as We have said, time and time again, we would like to repeat this phenomena! If anybody has heard anything do let us know!
We have been asked why we are so bitter against Tammy Faye, what did she ever do to us? Well to put it bluntly just before the fiasco with her husband, Jim Bakker, We had a party that was going to fund Our work, but after the fraud of their ministry was exposed, like many others, those who were going to sponsor us, withdrew, not wanting to have anything to do with anything religious because these two foul creatures had tainted every religious movement in The United States. The Kingdom Of God considers this Tammy's greatest crime, the one she will stand in Judgment for, that she crippled The Kingdom Of God's efforts and sat in motion the circumstances that may well destroy mankind. That is the crime for which she will be damned, which will destroy her forever.
We have heard there is a coalition of churches that is forming an organization to support illegal aliens and we have been asked what Jesus thinks of it. He is totally against it! These people just do not seem to understand the word illegal. These people were not slaves, they were not brought into The United States against their will, they came here illegally, of their own free will, they violated the laws of The United States. They are criminals! Anyone that assists them in these criminal acts, that hides and protects them, are, themselves, criminals. The immigration laws are not unfair. They might be unpopular but a country has a right to establish such principles, to control who and who will not enter it. Being poor is not an excuse to break the law, no matter how much some think it is. Jesus will never support illegal immigrants because they violate God's laws. These people are not of God, they are being controlled by creatures of Darkness who are trying to use this difficult situation to raise energy against Him, energy with which to fight and destroy Jesus, and these foolish churches are playing right into their hands, generating the very power that is trying to destroy the One they are supposed to worship. Those are Jesus' comments on this matter.
We have been asked if the prisoner in Nashville, Tennessee, who was executed for killing a police officer, and asked that pizzas be sent to homeless shelters made it into The Afterlife. Well, after he went around and blessed all the people that paid for the pizzas, yes! And he's doing very well. Sometimes it just takes a little thing to make the difference. He'll be uncomfortable for a while but eventually when he's ready there'll be a place for him. Like We say, sometimes it just takes a little thing, facing the result of your actions, not blaming other people and thinking of others in your last moments. Just little things!
In Friday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers the questions "Should we edit out Your mistakes because of Demetrius' Dyslepsia?" from 2,002, and a new segment "Is Demetrius' dyslepsia worse because of his heart attack?" Informative as always!


Abducations On The Old Worlds

We've been talking about Queen Diana's desire that her sons abducate. We've been asked if there was anything like this on The Old Worlds. Did members of royal families decide they didn't want the job? Among The Havens it was considered very advantageous to get out of The God Family, distance yourself from The Lord God. Many made it known They had no desire to be chosen as Lord God. Sometimes this didn't help. If a Lord God said you were The Son Born, there wasn't much you could do. But many tried to get out of the system.
The Hashons had no royalty of any note. But among the little that They did have abducating was unheard of. One always did Their duty if They were of the royal line.
Among The Peepians, who had several royal lines, abducation was unthinkable, a crime punishable by death! No one shirked Their duty, walked away from Their responsibilities. They were really strict on it!


Military justice is to justice what military music is to music. ( Groucho Marx )

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