May 13, 2,007
Feeding On The Fires

Jesus wanted us to take this opportunity to inform people that He supports Rudolph Giuliani in his stand on abortion. The Kingdom Of God does not like abortion, but it is between a woman and God, no one else. God will judge each case on its merit. There are some situations in which an abortion is acceptable, and a general ban of all abortions is not acceptable to The Kingdom Of God. The anti abortion people's teachings are considered blasphemy. So Jesus supports Guliani in this issue completely!
The demons were anxious for battle on the sabbath. They started attacking the barriers around Ellsworth, Maine an hour before sunset, and the process continued across the country in North Dakota, Texas, and Los Angeles. The demons continued to fight until an hour after daybreak, then they finally withdrew. It has been suspected for some time that the creatures of Darkness have been using the wildfires around The United States to feed. They do not usually feed on fire victims because the bodies are destroyed too rapidly, nor do they usually feed on lower life forms like insects and small rodents. But The Kingdom Of God has found unquestioned proof that they are feeding on such things around the fire sites because the souls of insects and small animals, sometimes even plants entering The Afterlife from these fires are stunned, they are nonfunctional, nonresponsive. They just float around on the edge of The Afterlife until they absorb enough energy to become functional again. This is an unquestioned sign that creatures of Darkness fed on their bodies as they were dying! There is no other cause for this, no other reason why these primitive souls would be in this state. It shows again, how desperate the creatures of Darkness are for energy, how starved some of them are! They are feeding on the very lowest life forms, feeding on anything they can find under any circumstances. They are desperate for life energy! But they continue to use whatever they can gather to fight Jesus and The Kingdom Of God. They are determined to destroy mankind!
Here's a few words from Winston Churchill.
"Winston Churchill here! It is with profound sadness that I understand that Speaker Gerald Polley has lost his regard for me because he has learned that I was not quite a perfect man and looked down upon others because they did not share my belief that being part of The British Empire was perhaps the greatest thing on Earth. I could not understand why any people, anywhere, would not want to be English. This was my folly. I did not understand that people wanted to be themselves, to live their own way, practice their own beliefs, not to have their beliefs dictated by others. And as long as they were not bothering others they should be allowed to go their own way, that The British had no right to force their form of government or, their religion on others in the name of God. I now fully understand that these ways were wrong, that my countrymen sadly betrayed God's cause, betrayed Israel thinking they were doing what was right to bring peace to the world, not realizing they were standing against God, and in doing so would make Him bring down their empire. And bring down their empire He did!
If England had supported Israel as it had promised it would, the world would be a far different place today. For the betrayal of God's people England paid a high price. But England can be redeemed. If the new government that is coming there ends the idea of giving The Palestinians Jerusalem and accepts that Jerusalem must always belong to The Israelis, then there is hope for the world! I put my full endorsement behind The Kingdom Of God's Peace Proposal which is being put forth by The Polleys, a separate homeland for The Palestinians on land in the Sainai purchased from Egypt equal if not more, to what they now hold in Israel. This is God's Plan For Peace and the only plan that will ever work. If I was alive I would be giivng my full support to The Polleys. Somehow I would get them the funds they need to continue their Work. And I would declare to the world they are the representatives of The Kingdom Of God, the only true representatives of The Kingdom Of God currently on Earth.
I send a message to Tony Blair. As he leaves the government he should leave old, failed plans behind, and, remember the backdoor. Always remember the backdoor! I hope some day that by my efforts I can redeem myself in Speaker Gerald Polley's eyes, I can somehow reach the people of the world and make them understand that no matter the color of a man's skin, no matter his religion, no matter rather he likes England or not, he is still a man and entitled to every right that a man should have, to live freely, without fear and to know that his children are safe from any harm from anyone, no matter what else they believe. This is how it must be in the world! This is what The Polleys fight for, and this is what I fight for. I have left the folly behind me. I have left the ignorance behind me, I pray all men do the same. Winston Churchill, A Resident Of The Kingdom Of God By The Good Graces Of Its Steward, Jesus Of Nazareth, Who Is Called The Christ, Who Is My Salvation And My Strength Now, And, Forever."
In Saturday's "Here's Jesus!" we feature more questions from November, 2,002. "Should Jesus influence an election?" and in segment two a question from our old friend DJ Rob Calvert formerly of Cincinnati now of Orlando, Florida, "Did Adam & Eve have navels?" Sounds funny, but it's actually heavy stuff!


The function of science fiction is not always to predict the future but sometimes to prevent it. ( Frank Herbert )

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