May 14, 2,007
A Dream That Was Too Much!

Gerald had the weirdest dream Sunday morning! Let's just say it would have made every pedophile in the world very happy because children all over the world were being effected by a disease that caused them to have very unnatural desires, and people of an unscrupulous nature were taking advantage of it everywhere. Gerald and others were busy hunting them down and sending them to hell! But dealing with the children after they had been rescued was extremely difficult. Sometimes nightmares have a reason. Gerald is quite sure this one was caused by all the obscene emails in his mailbox every morning and his desire to hunt the people down sending them, and to send them to eternal death. He is quite sure this dream was only a subconscious desire to fulfill those wishes. But beheading pedophiles and putting their heads on spikes in front of their houses is a little much! He doesn't think present day society would allow it, but in the dream it was fun!
Linda has put up another back issue of Voices from 2,000, which contains John Lennon's message to Yoko Ono "Remember The Springtime," and a song John wrote to go in one of Gerald's stories "Let Me Be Your Mighty Man," and much, much more!

In Sunday's "Here's Jesus!" He discusses His opinion of racial quotas, from November, 2,002, and a May, 2,007 question "Did police in LA use excessive force recently in a demonstration for illegal aliens?"

Here's a few words from Lyndon Johnson, who we're always glad to defend!
"LBJ here, and contrary to the popular song I do not have beans in my ears! I was always fully aware of what was going on, and always felt I did the right thing for the circumstances at the time! And if anybody thought I didn't they're the ones that have beans in their ears! I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I admire Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley! They always speak the truth and defend the innocent as well as attack the guilty, and they're really good at that. That's why the guilty hate them so much. They can never hide anything when they're around.
I particularly want to thank them for repeatedly defending me when some moron (I hope no one is offended by the word moron!) claims that I was involved in the conspiracy to assassinate John Kennedy, which I was absolutely NOT! I had ambitions, but my ambitions were to run for president after Kennedy finished his term. The world suffered a great loss with his death that may well have been part of the plot to destroy mankind, to keep The Kingdom of God from establishing peace in The Middle East, and putting an end to the dictators. The Polleys tell the world what is going on, give them the absolute truth, and the world should be listening. Because if they don't start listening they might not be around much longer.
Everyone is giving something to identify themselves. Well, I send a message to my old military commanders, a message that they will understand. Haymaker. And I also send a message to an old friend. I told you if you didn't put a screen on that window you'd get stung by those bees! You didn't listen to me then, and you got stung! Listen to me now! Go to The Polleys, give them every bit of support they need or you'll be stung even worse! You'll be stung forever! Lyndon Baines Johnson, A Former President Of The United States Who's Been Doing Some Considerable Demon Bashing For The Lord Of Heaven, And Intends To Do A Lot More. For I Serve Him Now, And, Forever."
Gerald finally got busy and did some rearranging Sunday. He took the little goodies that were on the kitchen shelf in a cardboard box, put them in plastic containers and put them under the easel in the living room. He also took all the t shirts and pants and other things that Muhammed insisted we save, and repacked them out of cardboard boxes into those plastic containers that look like milk cartons. And he's working on more! He doesn't know why Everybody in The Afterlife is so insistant that he pack up everything. But that seems to be Their desire. Gerald has no intention of moving unless we have a permanent income so he doesn't have to work. And the only way that's going to happen is if we get a publisher and there's absolutely no sign of that! Jesus has been trying for thirty years! Coming up in the "Here's Jesus!" for the 24th He talks about what He'd like to have happen with Paris Hilton. He believes that some day she will be one of the greatest voices for The Kingdom Of God in the world! It's not that we doubt The Lord Of Heaven, but that's one that we're going to have to see to believe! There's no question of it! We're gonna have to see that one to believe it!
Everyone in The Afterlife was really disappointed this week. Wal Mart had just the computer we needed on sale for about $600 but we just couldn't squeeze it out. Gerald was thinking about it but then we got a bill for $480 for Linda's rehabilitation therapy and Gerald said "No way! We've just got to have more funds coming in before we can consider spending any more."


Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. ( Helen Keller )

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