May 15, 2,007
Our Mothers Honored

We have received the news that a top Taliban commander has been killed in the fighting. The Kingdom Of God is extremely pleased! But people ask Us "What does it matter? They'll just replace him!" Then We'll hunt down and kill his replacement, and when they replace him We'll hunt down and kill that one until We have destroyed them all forever, until there's nobody stupid enough to take their place! The Kingdom Of God is infinitely patient! They know sooner or later The Taliban will run out of stupid people! Not everybody in that region is insane! And The Kingdom Of God has eternity. So let them keep replacing their commanders. It makes it far easier for Us to find Our prey!
Both Linda's mother and Gerald's mother are in The Afterlife, and of course The Kingdom Of God's big Mother's Day celebration was held Sunday. Mary invited them to come for special greetings. Linda's mother is getting used to the attention but Gerald's mother is not. During the celebrations Jesus greeted them and told them how beloved their children were in The Kingdom Of God. Gerald's mother said "I am delighted that You so praise me, but I was just an ordinary mother doing the best I could with a difficult son. It is still hard for me to believe that it is my Gerald doing all these things! It doesn't seem possible! The only thing I wish constantly is that he could show a little bit more kindness and understanding to those that have problems. I'm really no one special!" Jesus laughed and kissed her on the cheek. "Madame," He said, "you were not only an exceptional mother, but an exceptional person! There are so many praises for you in The Book Of Life from people that you helped so many times without any thought of reward, that I could not count them! If the world was filled with such mothers as you, I would have no worries! And you are, indeed, Demetrius' mother. Every single one of them has had that same complaint. You are Demetrius' mother, indeed!" Gerald's mother answered that she was honored by such praise from The Lord Of Heaven, but she did not feel it was deserved. She only did what she should have done in every situation. "Precisely!" Jesus answered, "Precisely!" They say that people don't change that much in The Afterlife. Gerald's mother is proof of that!
Weren't able to do much Mother's Day. Funds are short. Gerald vacuumed the entire apartment from front to back, which is a pretty formidable task, with our little Kenmore canister. He has to stop every few feet and clean this long white, shiny stuff out of it that clogs it all up, along with the dust and dirt! It's incredible what you get out of these carpets when you really go at them inch by inch! But Linda just doesn't have time to keep up with the housework. So it was something she appreciated. Some day we're gonna have a couple of maids to do that stuff! We are dreamers!
The demons didn't give The Kingdom Of God's Forces any break for Mothers Day. The fighting around Ellsworth was horrendous! They just won't quit! They keep pounding at the main passage trying to get through, fresh forces almost every night. Gerald keeps asking all our associates to send any reports of any strange sickness in their areas, especially at conventions or anything like that. But so far we have really found nothing like what We are looking for. But sooner or later it will come...a whole bunch of people getting sick and dying, something like Legionaire's disease or food poisoning or something. But there will be something. Sooner or later there has to be! Monday morning the demons were a no show everywhere. We seem to be getting into a pattern of them resting up during the week and attacking on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But The Kingdom Of God is vigilant for any change. If the creatures of Darkness can get power they'll attack any time. During this weekend's fighting each time the demons attacked in Los Angeles there was a surge of power into The Kingdom Of God. Someone there is aware of the situation and responding with energy every time The Kingdom Of God needs it. We wish whoever they are they would support us openly, though what they are doing is very beneficial!

In Monday's "Here's Jesus!" we feature two questions from November, 2,002; "Should the young sniper that was terrorizing people be given mercy?", and, "Why do You support the Chechnyans in Russia?"

The Kingdom Of God believes that the lawyer that put up the billboard in Los Angeles encouraging married couples to divorce is raising power for the creatures of Darkness to battle Jesus.
We have received word that the army is blocking the use of You Tube and My Space on the military network in Iraq and Afghanistan. We asked Jesus if He thinks this is censorship. He says no. He believes it is a matter of security. Inadvertently soldiers are giving information to the enemy who are monitoring these sites. He is surprised the military has not blocked them before. It is not a matter of censorship, it is a matter of protecting the troops.
We have decided to put up our first issues of Voices again, some very important special editions and spirit interviews in them that should be available on our site! Here's the link to our back issues list so you can keep up with our progress on them. Linda was able to put up all from 1987 on Mother's Day and another issue from 1988!


The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.' One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger - but recognize the opportunity.
( John F. Kennedy )

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