May 15, 2,007
Bye Bye Little Jerry!

Wow! What a day! Gerald was at work when he noticed a sudden increase in the vibrations from The Afterlife and knew something was going on, but everything was coming through so jumbled he couldn't pick up anything clearly. He took a load of stuff out front and looked up at the t.v. and flashing on the screen were the words "Hospital about to announce Jerry Falwell dead." Gerald went "What?" and all of a sudden everything coming through from The Afterlife became crystal clear. He could see everything that was happening as if he was right There!
Jesus was with John Lennon in his office when the news reached them. Jesus asked "Do we know the cause?" and He was told "It's obvious the demons drained him dry, caused heart failure! He never even made it out of his body. His soul was so far gone it disintegrated before he was even free of his flesh!" The crowd outside began screaming for John crying "A song! A song! A song!" John said "Well, I suppose we'd better gather Beatles & Friends and go out and come up with something." "Well, actually," Jesus said, "I've been working on something for some time and saving it for this occasion." He went out to the balcony, sat down at John's piano, and sang this little song. By the time He was done the rest of Beatles & Friends were there, John picked up his guitar, nodded to the others, and pretty soon this song was reverberating through the entire Afterlife! Jesus wanted John to transmit it to Linda, but John said "No way! It's Your song! You transmit it to Gerald! And I think you should sing it, as well." "We don't want to drive the people away!" Jesus complained. "You know I'm terrible!" "Not as far as I'm concerned!" John argued. "Give it a try!"
So as soon as the kid with the obnoxious perfume showed up at work and drove Gerald out, he ran home, grabbed Linda from the kitchen sink and said "Come on! We've got work to do! Jerry Falwell's dead!" "What?" Linda cried, "I've been busy. I didn't know!" They typed up the song, recorded it, got it on line, and here's the email! Now, Jesus says He's not a good singer. But right now Gerald thinks He's doing better with his voice than he's doing! However we'll let you be the judge. Anyway, The Kingdom Of God considers this a considerable victory. The only one better would have been Jim Bakker, or maybe Bill Clinton. But We couldn't be that lucky!
Actually luck had nothing to do with it, stupidity did. Jerry being gone is going to free up a lot of The Kingdom Of God's resources. A lot of effort was spent keeping him in control, and minimizing his damage. Now The Kingdom Of God should be able to handle his successors much easier. They just do not have the dark power that Jerry had. He was a formidable enemy. But no one is as formidable as The Kingdom Of God! Sooner or later They will wear an enemy out and bring them down, and Jerry Falwell has been brought down! He has been brought way down! Here's a link to the audio demo and the lyrics are below that.

By; Jesus Of Nazareth
Channeled Through; Speaker Gerald Polley
All rights reserved.

1. Bye bye little Jerry!
Bye bye little Jerry!
Everybody's havin' fun!
Everybody's singin!
Everybody's laughin'!
God He finally got it done!

2. No more stealin' money
For the lovely ladies!
Though the prostitutes were fun!
Bye bye little Jerry!
Bye bye little Jerry!
God He finally got it done!

3. No more holy cheatin'
No more holy lyin'!
No more evil to be done!
Bye bye little Jerry!
Bye bye little Jerry!
God He finally got it done!
God He finally got it done!

Bye bye Jerry!


12 But again The Old Fox commanded "Come out!" Reluctantly the men obeyed. The Old Fox rose his staff over his head in both hands, then pointed its narrow end into the hole. Suddenly, a dark spot appeared at the bottom of the hole. It quickly spread and covered the entire hole. And then the water began to rise. Within moments it filled the entire hole!

From "Light The History Of Spiritism"

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