May 16, 2,007
The Route Is Tracked!

The Kingdom Of God is almost positive that It knows how the creatures of Darkness are transferring their forces around the world. Homosexual tours are flying out of Los Angeles and other major airports and going to countries in Asia where the homosexuals can acquire young male victims. Creatures of Darkness are using the homosexuals to transport them around the world, riding on the planes they use, feeding on their lust as they go. Demons from Europe are going into Asia with the homosexuals from there and then catching a ride with the American homosexuals through The United States' barriers. The shields around Los Angeles are slowing them down a little, but the demons are simply moving to other airports, using tours originating from other places.
With information that The Kingdom of God has recently received from demons that have left the effort to destroy Jesus' power, They know what routes the creatures of Darkness are using, and trying to slow down their transport, make it uncomfortable for them to use airports. Unfortunately as fast as one is shut down the creatures of Darkness simply go to another one. They seem to have plenty of these foul tours to draw upon. There seems to be a trafficking in Asia of young men to these perverts...VERY young men! Though some nations are trying to slow it down, they are only getting a small fraction of those coming into their countries to abuse young men.
The Kingdom Of God is also appalled by the rate at which the souls of the insurrectionists in Iraq are decaying! Over 35% of them are already the walking dead, beyond any hope of saving! Their souls are already disintegrated within their bodies! They have no hope of surviving death, of not even becoming creatures of Darkness! The creatures of Darkness are so draining their life energy that we do not know how many of them still managed to function! They are being driven by pure hate! We keep saying that these are never before seen phenomena, but it is the only way We can describe it! Even at the height of World War II among the worst of the Nazis and The Japanese, only 10% of their people degraded to this point, only 5% among The Italians! To see the destruction of souls before they even die, at such a high level, is absolutely incredible! Nothing like it has ever been seen before. That is the only thing We can say! It is an unheard of phenomena! These souls are destroying themselves and it is spreading, and We do not know how many of them We can lose and still have the human race survive. We are approaching the point of no return, when all of our efforts would be absolutely useless. The continuity of life will be broken and there will be no way of fixing it, the Earth will die, and mankind with it.
Sadly we are seeing some of this soul disentigration in The United States, also, but not among the homosexuals or among the drug dealers, but among the anti abortion fanatics! They are so driven by their false teachings and their desire to dominate women, and make them obey their wishes, that they are going into such a spiral of hate against all of those that oppose them, that many of them are destroying their souls in the process. This is a very tragic occurance!
We're close to making a breakthrough, to stopping it. We simply need a few dozen people working with us, with the influence and the power and the wealth to get the message out. But we are running out of time! There has to be some way of reaching the people and making them understand they are being used. They are beiing tricked into destroying their entire race. There must be some way of making them understand!
In Tuesday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers a question from someone named Paul in November 2,002, "Should I let a friend do something that is inappropriate with me?" and one from May, 2,007 "How did this situation end up being resolved?"

Here are a few words from Cecil Be DeMille!
"I would like to take this opportunity to give my full endorsement to Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley. I became acquainted with their work when I was approached and asked to make The History Of Spiritism into movies in The Afterlife, a project that I took on with vigor! Since the completion of that effort, I have continued to make movies using Gerald's fictional works, which are incredibly popular in The Afterlife. Some day in the future some movie producer and some director is going to curse themselves because they missed the opportunity to do The Speaker's works in the material realm. If I was alive and was aware of these works I would be hunting backers to produce them, and producing as many of them as I could. Because the person that directs these films when they are made is going to be one of the most famous directors in history! Everyone tries to give something to identify themselves. A friend of mine once asked, "Do you think you were guided by God when you made The Ten Commandments?" I told him "If you ever say I told you this in public I will deny it! But I could feel someone's presence with me every single moment I worked on that project, a presence of such overpowering love that it is indescribable!" I now tell that person that it is perfectly acceptable to tell people I told him that. Cecil B. DeMille, Still Using The Talent That God Gave Me To Do His Great Works, And Will Continue To Do So As Long As I Exist, For That Is The Purpose For Which I Exist!


Ten thousand fools proclaim themselves into obscurity, while one wise man forgets himself into immortality.
( Martin Luther King Jr. )

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