May 17, 2,007
What Did He Do?

The celebration in The Kingdom Of God continues to be joyous. The destruction of Jerry Falwell has been a tremendous boost to Everyone's energy. The Kingdom Of God believes that if the demons had not drained him dry in the current battles against Jesus he would've been a problem for another twenty or twenty-one years! But everyone is asking "Why was Falwell such an enemy?" Because he refused God's true causes and only did those things that pleased man. He led God's people on false missions that used up their power and kept them from doing God's true work. He was one of the most cunning creatures of Darkness that has ever existed! His ability to give the people what they wanted so they would follow him was tremendous! Though The Kingdom Of God repeatedly exposed his evil, exposed him as a liar and a thief, the people continued to worship him and to follow him, not doing the true work of God. This is the greatest crime that any creature of Darkness can commit. It is the greatest use of their evil, to keep God's people away from His true voices and to get them to waste their time on useless things, and even things that drive other people away from Christianity, such as Falwell's attempt to Christianize all American schools, something that was popular, that he knew would never be accomplished but would keep people following him. This is the evil that this foul creature did. He supported a few of God's causes, but only because the majority of his followers supported those things. Worst of all, he did not support Israel. He hated God's people and spoke against them. This is what destroyed him forever.
As if in defiance the creatures of Darkness launched an attack on Ellsworth Wednesday morning, but it was weak and only half hearted. Everyplace else they have literally gone to ground. It is obvious their dark power is not flowing. They are not regenerating as fast as they have been. The loss of one of their major workers has hurt them. Everyone is hoping that now Falwell is no longer with us much of his organization will crumble, that his followers will start fighting amongst themselves, split up on different causes, and that the creatures of Darkness will get even less power. Maybe some of Falwell's followers will actually find the truth and join those trying to save mankind. There is always hope! Again, Jesus says "If what We are saying isn't proven, what can prove it? Exactly what We predicted has happened! Exactly what We have been telling people would occur has occured! How much proof do people need that We are real?" The Kingdom Of God will continue to attack, continue to go after those that oppose It and pretend to support It. They will continue to empower Their true workers. But They need more to come forward and take the true battle. God wants His earthly residence in Maine, Jesus wants His in California, Father Abraham in North Dakota, Moses in Texas. Now Noah is saying he would like to establish an earthly residence in Seattle, Washington if a synagogue there would accept him and be the place of God's power in that area to continue to build the circle of power around The United States. Is there a Jewish group in Seattle that supports abortion, condemns homosexuality, and wants to save Israel, yet wants justice for The Palestinians, for them to have a place of their own? Then Noah is looking for you! Would you welcome him and his wife, pray to God each day that they be empowered to do His work and to save all of mankind? Spread the word to the people of Seattle! Noah is looking towards them so he can save the people of God again.
In Wednesday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers more questions from November 2,002; "Why don't you use everybody's names that send You questions?" and, "Which are you, The Son Of God and not The Steward Of Heaven and can never be God because God is eternal. Or do You rule Heaven as God?" Kind of complicated, but we're sure you'll enjoy it!

Here are a few words from Ira Hayes!
"Greetings! A Native American here. I have every reason to despise the white race. My people have been murdered and raped, we have been used as cannon fodder in the white man's wars. But there are those among the white people that I admire because they are not afraid to tell people that what was done to my people was wrong, and that some day it has to be made right. That's why I am an absolute supporter of The Polleys! For it is Their Peoples teachings that they will eventually gather up their descendants, return the Earth to whom it belongs, and return to the stars, taking some of mankind with them. They do not teach that some mysterious aliens are going to descend, fix everything, and take mankind to wondrous places. They teach that they're going to build their own ships, first colonize the solar system, and then head for the stars, that mankind will succeed by their own efforts, by their own skills, by their own courage, that they're not going to depend on others, but will depend on themselves, that mankind is guided and protected by higher powers but that it is up to mankind rather those powers succeed or not. That's why I support The Polleys wholeheartedly, why I give everything I have for them, and for the One they serve, The Lord Of Heaven. Because I like their teachings better than those that say "Oh, we can do whatever we want, it doesn't matter if we destroy the world! Jesus or the aliens will come and fix it all! We don't have to be responsible for anything. God will make it better!" The people that teach that stupidity are destroying us, are destroying our children, and people have to realize that! Ira Hayes, A Resident Of The Kingdom Of God, A Marine Obeying His Supreme Commander And Fighting His Battles. And I Hope All Mankind Will Join Me In That Struggle!"


When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. ( Franklin D. Roosevelt )

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