May 18, 2,007
One Angry Princess!

The demons were again quiet Thursday. But they are continuing to cause trouble at Gerald's job. The fag is still coming in before Gerald is scheduled to leave drenched in perfume and Gerald simply has to leave, walk out. He's not going to stay and become sicker. Even the few minutes of exposure that is occuring is causing trouble. Gerald was hemorraging last night which leaves him extremely weak and makes it hard for him to work. His lips and fingers aren't quite as numb but still are bothered a little. The managers will do absolutely nothing because they think it is a big joke that the perfume makes Gerald sick and they're not going to tell a young man that he can't come in whenever he wants to, or that he can't wear his perfume. They simply don't care about anyone. They will not tell the children they can't do something, they won't offend them, they won't inhibit them. They think Gerald is a terrible person because he won't understand their feelings. He's not the kind of person they want working with them because he won't accept the young people the way they are. It's a twisted, sick world! Gerald is trying to hang on with the job but it is getting extremely difficult.
Jesus is extremely angry that these situations continue to occur, that we do not have the support that we should have to deal with situations like this. That such ignorance is allowed appalls Him but it is now a fundamental part of society. Decent people are evil while evil people are praised. Jesus is also equally upset with the situation in New Hampshire, where a police office was murdered by a total lunatic, the lunatic is being defended by the community and the police officer blamed. It is a twisted, twisted world!
Here are a few words from Queen Diana,
"I cannot tell you how much I love The Polleys! If I was alive I would do anything for them, anything at all! I would give them everything I possess because they allow me to speak about that bitch in England that they dare call a queen. Now, she has interfered with my son's life. He wants so much to be like any other young man, to take the risks that other young men take in the service of their country and to go where his comrades go. But the noble whore has invoked royal privilege and told the generals that her grandson shall not serve in Afghanistan or any other dangerous place! And the puppets in the British military have followed her wishes and denied my son's rights! If my son is not allowed to go into harm's way and fight for oppressed people, the son of no British mother should be sent in harm's way. If the royal whore will not send my son, she should send no one's sons! All British soldiers should be kept in Britian, go nowhere, do nothing! My son is not special. He is like any other young man. And if young men are serving in dangeorus places, he should serve in those places. The world must understand that this royal bitch is useless! She will take a stand on nothing, she will speak out on nothing! She attacked me and destroyed my marriage because I had a heart and spoke out on issues that needed to be spoken on. And she told my husband "We have to get rid of this political whore that doesn't know her place. The royal family does not get involved. We are not political. Teach this woman her place or get rid of her!" And everyone knows what happened. I hate this woman with every fiber of my being! It is still my fondest wish that Charles and Camilla have a son and that my sons abdicate so that the son of a divorced woman will sit on the English throne. This will destroy the royal bitch, this would devastate her and I would enjoy nothing better! It sickened me when I saw the American people welcoming her, and praising her! Doesn't the world understand she is a useless waste of breath? She has never been anything and she will never be anything except a keniving woman that will destroy the lives of everyone around her for her precious throne! Wake up people! Realize what this woman is! She has no dignity, she has no honor, she has nothing! Diana, Who Was Called A Princess, But Who Now Has Been Made A Queen By The Kindness Of The People That Adore Her. And She Will Forever Be Grateful. A Resident Of The Kingdom Of God And A Servant Forever, Of He Who Rules It Because He Insists I Speak My Heart And Tell The Truth, Even If Others Don't Like It!"
In Thursday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers an old question and a new question, "How long do You plan on doing "Here's Jesus!"? Will someone continue it after Demetrius & Alura?" and "Is there still no hope of continuing "Here's Jesus!" in the future?" You won't want to miss this one!

We've been asked if there's any hope for Jerry Falwell's followers. Are they in danger? Yes! Of course they are, especially his group's leaders! With him gone the creatures of Darkness are going to need a new focal point to draw energy through and one of them is going to become that focal point. They'll drain that person dry just like they drained Falwell! The best thing for any of them to do is leave Falwell's movement, and start to defend God's true causes. We would be very surprised not to find out that many of Falwell's associates are already sick, some of them perhaps even dying, and the only hope of eternal life they have is quickly ending their relationship with Falwell's movement! But of course none of them will. They will follow him right into oblivion and there's no way anyone can help them! That would be a miracle even beyond God!


Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!'
Then get busy and find out how to do it. ( Theodore Roosevelt )

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