May 19, 2,007
King Speaks Out- A Daughter Lost

We have been asked "How can Jesus allow Princess Diana to use such negative language when speaking of the queen? Shouldn't the queen be shown some respect as a head of state? If there were misunderstandings between them shouldn't these be resolved in a non public way?" Jesus can condemn no one for speaking the truth! He would prefer sometimes, that politer language be used, but when a person is speaking the truth about what happened to them in the circumstances of their lives, and telling people what was done to them, He cannot forbid them from expressing themselves in their own way. The truth must be spoken! And some people cannot be as kind in speaking the truth as He would like. But He can't restrict them from speaking the truth! He must promote justice. People have a right to speak out and tell what happened to them, and how they feel about people that betrayed them. Some people don't like this, they would prefer that everyone just keep quiet and not tell people how much they have been hurt by the betrayal of others, to forgive them. But some people cannot forgive, and Jesus cannot condemn them when they are justified. This is something that many do not understand.
At Queen Diana's request and Jesus' permission, Linda recorded her comments from yesterday's email and put them on line as a special edition of "Here's Jesus!" Here's the link.

Here are a few words from Martin Luther King!
"I cannot tell you how much I admire The Polleys! I would much prefer they be a little bit less militant in doing God's service, but each of God's servants must serve God in their own way. Each must oppose evil in their own way. Sometimes the servants of God have to do the hardest things, the most difficult things. Gerald came to me and said "Martin, the evidence is very conclusive that your daughter was destroyed by the creatures of Darkness, drained dry of life energy so they could battle Jesus. It's obvious this happened because she supported homosexuality, so called gay rights. Do you wish us to simply let it pass and make no comment on it, or do you wish us to speak out on it?" "You must speak out!" I told Gerald, "To lose a child to eternal death is one thing, but to not let the world know that the creatures of Darkness have destroyed her would be a crime. If her eternal death is to have any meaning at all, others must know of it so it will keep them from making the same mistake. Let me speak." Gerald said "Of course!" So I am here now, speaking. Those of my race must understand, homosexuality is not a right, it is not a race, it is not a religion. It is a profound and terrible sickness that destroys everyone participating in it and all those that support them. The Biblical evidence that God condemns homosexuality is unquestioned! It is completely unacceptable to Him. None who practice it may enter His Kingdom, and many who practice it, and those that support them will suffer eternal death, because they are destroying God's children. I am against any violence towards homosexuals in any way, even if it is justified. In this Gerald and I differ. He believes men offended by homosexuals have a right to respond with violence, to defend their honor. I disagree completely with him on this. A homosexual should be sent away, should be rebuked and condemned, but no violence should ever be used against them no matter how degrading a true man considers their insults are. And I do agree that any man telling another man that he desires him sexually is insulting him, is degrading him, and the offended man has every right to be angry. There is no greater humilation. But the greater man would understand that this poor individual is derranged, completely insane, unable to control himself, unable to control his perverted lust and he should be shown mercy. The feeble minded should not be hurt because they do not understand what they are doing. This I will always feel is the better way. But homosexuality cannot be supported. Homosexual marriage is forbidden, it is completely against God, it is completely against God's way. It is not a right, it is perverted, and it will destroy all involved in it. Therefore the people of God must oppose it, not in hate, not in fear, but in loving kindness to save those involved in this obscenity. I have lost a daughter to eternal death, I have lost a precious treasure. But do not let her death be in vain. Learn from it! Do not follow the creatures of Darkness! Do not let them use your energy, your love, to fight The Lord Of Heaven! Stand boldly for Him, reject evil! Show those oppressed by evil every kindness, but do not accept their evil! Do not say "This is a civil right and they must be treated as equals!" Evil is never equal to the good, and people must never make it so! Martin Luther King, A Leader Of My People In God's Kingdom, And A Servant, Forever, Of Its Steward, Jesus Of Nazareth, Called The Christ, And Faithful And True To All Who Serve Him, Always."
In Friday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers two brand new questions, "Why are our appearances on KROQ in Los Angeles so effective?" and, "Why are demons so afraid of Oprah Winfrey?" Amazing! Be sure to check it out!


From The Book Of The Old Fox
2 "Gonna build me a Temple, not made of stone,
3 Gonna build me a Temple, of flesh and bone,
4 Gonna build it mighty, gonna build it strong,
5 Gonna build me a Temple They'll be glad to call Their own!"

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