People are saying that this is all insane, that ministers of God wouldn't do things like this. Well, it's done every day. There is not a true minister of God or priest in the world that doesn't have two or three young women in his congregation who are quietly without people knowing about it, fulfilling this mission, keeping his dark powers under control and protecting those in the church who have committed small offenses and insuring that they will have an opportunity for eternal life. This is commonplace. These young ladies usually have a crush on their minister or paster or whatever, and usually members in the church are well aware of it. Sometimes even older women surrounding a religious worker fulfill this function, even some married women. It is one of the most important functions that women have in a church. It is not unusual, it's done all the time. The only difference is that in these dire circumstances with Jesus gone, some of these women need to be made known to their congregations so if Gerald comes to visit them those who have problems can say to God "God, please let our precious Sarah (that name's just used as an example.) protect me from the righteous power of your servant, that he might not condemn me for those mistakes that I have made but give me an opportunity to amend them and be right with you. This is the promise that you have made and I ask that it be kept." This is the way of God to protect his children and to give them an opportunity to seek eternal life. Though Jesus is gone, God still wishes to do this, and this is the means by which He is trying to do it, though He must send a destroyer to fight His battles, He wishes also, to have a protector at His side to shield the people that seek to redeem themselves. This is God's way.
One fault We must speak of with The Mormons is their baptizing of the dead of other religions and saying that they have become Mormons. This must stop! It is creating bitterness from the people of other denominations and We need unity, We need harmony. All those who have been baptized from other religions must be removed from The Mormon registries and it must be stated in them that they were Jewish,, Protestant or Catholic forebears. These people have no problem whatsoever with The Mormons recognizing them as forebears but they cannot change their religion. They wish to honor them and praise them and to recognize them as their children, but they must respect Their rights.

November 11, 2,008

An Open Letter From Ali ibn Abi Talib, The Steward Of The Kingdom Of Ishmael
To The Embasy of Saudi Arabia

Most Profound Greetings!

I have heard that Preident Elect Obama is saying that he wants to try the prisoners at Guantanamo in American courts. As you know God is against this. He believes this is an Islamic matter. He wants these prisoners turned over to The Saudi Government, giving them temporary soverignty over some part of Guantanamo so that they can deal with the situation there. Then, he desires that Our beloved Demetrius and Alura psychically examine all the prisoners then the ones that can be released be given probation back to their homelands, and that Demetrius execute the rest destroying their immortal souls forever.
But God has made a small concession. He will permit those who make full and complete confession to be executed by lethal injection if they will accept the injection willingly rather than be hung as long as this injection will terminate their lives within five minutes. I am sure some substance could be found to accomplish this. I would appreciate you making my wishes on this matter known to The Islamic People.

The Steward OF The Kingdom Of Ishmael


They're So Young!

We are asked again and again how can we possibly say that God could give such power to two thirteen year old girls, one from the Christian faith, one from the Islamic faith. Well, God didn't give it to them when they were thirteen. He gave it to them when they were born. They've always had this power, they always will! God has just activated it. Sooner or later they would've probably activated it themselves and they may already have had. A person's psychic powers are strongest the first few years after they've passed through puberty. That is why there is so much poltergeist activity in houses that have young girls in them, because they're going through puberty and their powers are turning on. It sometimes takes even with a normal person, two or even three women to control a single man! Many might not even know this is happening. A man might have a loving and caring wife and at work a devoted secretary that might even be married to somebody else but who still keeps him in balance. A man may have a house full of daughters that keeps him in balance, keeps his powers under control. Unfortunately there are those that can break this power and let the dark forces through to create havoc. We simply need two young people that have a tremendous amount of ability to be taught how to use that ability. There have been young preachers in churches for untold ages and there always will be. When the power is turned on it is turned on! This has been seen again and again! That's why it says in The Bible "And the little ones shall lead them," for The BIble clearly understands the power of youth. Many a time tragic situations have been avoided because a child has touched a parent's hand and said "Father and mother, this isn't right!" and the parents have responded to their innocence, and realized that something wasn't right. That's what We need right now, young people to tell the world "Something isn't right!"

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