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Vol. 22 No. 12
Copyright December, 2,008

By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved. No reproduction of the whole or any part of this magazine may be made without the written permission of the publisher.

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Page 1
Reasons Why
A Story From The Life Of
Gerald A. Polley

Linda's Latest Picture

Page 2
Nice Article

Obama Gets Help

Out Of The Closet

Page 3
He Must Keep His Word

Doing Our Thing

Page 4

Give Us That Hour
( Part 1 )

Page 5
Give Us That Hour
( The Conclusion )

How Can Salvation Come Back?

Page 6
Do You Have Some Space?

10 AM Your Time

Page 7
Vacation Utah!

Page 8
To The Mormon Prophet
( The Conclusion )

Page 9
God The Mother Says
"Vacation Utah!"

Page 10
Grant Incredible Power

Page 11
We Still Want "Em

They're So Young!

Page 12
A Share For You

Page 13
You Will Need Protectors

We're Not The Only Ones

Page 14
A History For Me

Page 15
Your Share

We're Not Conquerors!

Page 16
How Much Will You Share?

Page 17
More Proposals Mormons

Little Restrictions

Page 18
We Need A Protector Too

Imagination's Place
"Keep Out Of This, Captain!"
By Gerald A. Polley
Part One

Page 19
Certificate Of Authority

Another Little Problem

Page 20
Her New World

To Pay Michael's Debt

Page 21
You're Safe, We're Not

Why Them, Not Us?

Page 22
John Wants To Pay Michael's Debt

A Promise To Lisa

Page 23
An Indecent Secretary Of State

Page 24
Campaign Chairman

Page 25
Violating Utah

Protect The Treasure

The Matter Of Jewelry

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