An Official Document

Be It Known That Because The Morman Church Has Appointed


a Courier Protector between it and The Embassy Of The Kingdoms Of God, God has asked the representative of that Embassy, Speaker Gerald Polley, to arrange with his people a special reward. In a hundred years it is the intent of his people to build space ships and return to the stars. They intend to colonize several worlds and take members of the human race to them. It is determined that the fourth world they find will be given to the members of the human race that are referred to as Christians.
Where The Mormons are leading the effort to restore Christianity and are aiding Speaker Polley in this endeavor, and have provided a Courier Protector so he can continue his Work, it has been determined that The Mormons shall have a tenth of this new world, that they shall have first choice of territory.
It shall be at the discretion of the above named person as to how the rest of the lands of that world shall be disperesed. As to what Christian groups shall receive a portion and how much of a portion they shall receive, depending on how much they help in the effort to restore Christianity. Even after her period of service as a Courier Protector ends, she will still have the power and authority to distribute the territories of this new world until such time as they have all been dispersed.
Speaker Polley shall make a special request of this individual on behalf of his people, but it shall be at her discretion rather or not she grants that request. This world is totally her responsibility, and when it is settled in her spiritual form she will become its God The Mother, its Spiritual Protector, and her consort shall become God The Father. Individuals are already volunteering to be the spiritual aides that she will need. It will be up to her to accept who she will for these purposes. But as she fulfills the missions that God requests her to take up, these are the rewards that she will be given for that service, besides the fame and glory that such service will bring.

Signed By The Representatives Of The Grand Alliance



An Open Letter From Ali ibn Abi Talib, The Steward Of The Kingdom Of Ishmael
To The King Of Bahrain
Through The Saudi Arabian Embassy

November 17, 2,008

Most Sincere Greetings!

I have been writing to The Islamic People on the concern about finding an Islamic protector so that they can communicate with God's voice on Earth, Speaker Gerald Polley. But Speaker Gerald Polley has also worked for some years, with John Lennon, the famous composer from the rock band, The Beatles who is a great fan of Michael Jackson's. He has heard that you are sueing Jackson for millions of dollars because he failed to produce an album for you. John would like to make an offer to you through Speaker Polley who holds the rights to these eleven songs, below, which John channeled to him, he would like to give them to you as payment for Michael's debt. You could have them produced and sold and the profits would be entirely yours. If not enough was made to cover the debt John would offer other music that we have available on our web site if you would like it until the debt that Michael owes you is paid. When his punishment for the misdeed that he performed is completed he would try his best to produce some more music for you if it would be necessary to pay the debt. But he would much appreciate you releasing Michael from this burden, accepting these songs from him in exchange. Of course if you could get Michael to sing some of them in exchange for the debt he would be delighted, but if you cannot there are plenty of good singers that could do them. I sincerely hope that you will contact Speaker Polley and consider this offer. I think it a generous one. I appreciate your time.

A Servant Of
Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And Forever

1. The Man From Memphis

2. Remember The Springtime

3. Morgan US Marshal

4. The Red Kangaroo

5. I Don't Blame The Guns

6. 200 'Gainst 3,000

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