November 18, 2,008
John Wants To Pay Michael's Debt!

Greetings Kevin!

Below are two important messages, one to the king of Bahrain telling how John Lennon wants to pay Michael Jackson's debt by giving him the songs listed free of charge so he can produce them and sell them to regain what is owed him. If you could make sure this reaches the Arab media as God's official spokesman in Los Angeles, John would deeply appreciate it. And also, there is the copy of the document that would give the Mormon young lady the authority to grant you your land. People are having a real fuss saying that God can't make other people Gods, and we ask "Why can't He? This is His damned world and He can give the people on it any powers He wants to! That's His decision! Nobody can tell Him He can't."
Now, pertaining to the young ladies. They wanted me to give you some information before the interview tomorrow so you could refer to it because I'll probably be pretty mixed up. First of all, there's only one possibility among The Mormons. She's the reincarnation of my people, The Havens, but she was one of those that fought with the forces of The Lord God, and not the rebels. But we still should be able to work very well together. But at the end of her term of service she would have to be returned to The Mormons to fulfill her mission there.
The Islamic People have it a little bit better. There are actually four young women among their people that could fulfill the mission. The first one is in the family of Osama bin Laden. She is the reincarnaiton of a Hashon, the people that founded the Spiritist religion, but in this lifetime she is here to serve The Islamic People. She would be the best possible candidate. That would give us not only individuals from two religions on Earth but from two religions on The Old Worlds! It would be a tremendous help in the balancing effect. The Islamic Peoples' second choice would be a young woman in The Saudi Royal Family. She is the reincarnation of a Haven, like me, but was one of those that fought with my people, against The Lord God. She would be a good choice but controlling friction between her and The Mormon Representative might be a little difficult. We're sure it could be handled, but like her sister she would have to be returned to The Islamic People after her period of service, too. The third possibility that The Islamic People have is in Bahrain, probably related to somebody very high in the government. She is the reincarnation of a Peepian, of The Spearon Sect, ancient allies. She would be a very good candidate. The final possibility is somehow connected with the government of Yemen. She would probably be the most difficult to handle but she is sworn to serve The Islamic People and would do so. But she's the reincarnation of an Ashtarian. She was supposed to be among those of the second generation after they took over Earth. But now that her people are defeated and aren't coming she would probably work out. Though she'd probably be a little rough to handle at first. But those are the things they wanted me to let you know about, because I probably won't be able to remember to get to them. I'm sleeping a little bit better. Some of the nightmares aren't quite as bad, but I'm still having some really bad ones that are disturbing. Every once and a while a good one creeps in.
But most of all this morning if you could mention John Lennon's desire to help Michael Jackson. This is very important to him.

Speaker Gerald Polley

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November 20, 2,008

An Open Letter From Ali ibn Abi Talib The Steward Of The Kingdom Of Ishmael
To The Islamic People Through The Embassy Of Saudi Arabia

Most Profound Greetings!

I want to make it known to you that I have offered Lisa, the cohost on The Kevin & Bean Show in Los Angeles a portion of land on the new Islamic world equal to that that is being offered by The Christians to her cohost Kevin. I wish that when you find our courier/protector to serve with Speaker Gerald Polley, that you advise her that this is my wish and that she prepare a deed of property and make it one of her missions to, as soon as possible, visit Lisa at KROQ and present her with the deed to her property, so that in a hundred years, when we return to the stars, her descendants may present it to those in authority and claim their territory. This is the will of God, wondrous and merciful, and the will of God must be carried out. I would very much appreciate it if the Saudi Ambassador could make some contact with Speaker Polley considering the possibility of finding the courier/protector. so that his work with The Islamic People could begin. He currently cannot use his powers to defend them, and this is creating many difficulties. Those who deserve to be destroyed are being protected because there is no one that cannot protect those who can be saved. This is a situation that should be remedied. Speaker Polley is the defender of The Islamic People as much as he is the defender of The Christians and all others, and for The Islamic People to be without his power is very disturbing. I wish very much that this matter be resolved.
I would again like to mention my dear friend John Lennon's desire to pay the debt that Michael Jackson owes the King of Bahrain. He is offering very much in this purpose, eleven wondrous songs which I believe is too much. But the offer is being made and it is not for me to question it. This is another subject that I do wish your ambassador would make an effort in, so that the honor of The Islamic People would be maintained. And as I have said, this is the desire of God, wondrous and mericful.

Yours In His Devoted Service,
Now, And, Forever

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