November 11, 2,008

Greetings Kevin!

God The Father here! Lot to discuss today! If you could somehow mention some of these things that are going on and especially carry the proposal to The Mormons that they will receive a new home in the stars if they cooperate with Demetrius and Alura it would be appreciated. But there is one matter that I would appreciate very much. There is a thirteen year old girl in London, England, by the name of Hannah Jones who has refused a heart transplant, which she has every right to do. I believe some people have frightened her, trying to make her believe that by doing this she will lose her eternal life. I would appreciate it very much if as my voice in Los Angeles you would make sure that she gets this message

"Greetings Hannah!

This is God The Father. I am asking my dear friend Kevin to send you this message. Dear one, I want you to live every day of your life with as much joy and happiness as you can live it. I do not want you to fear anything. The greatest wish I have for you is for you to be happy. I want you to know that I am with you, or that one of my servants is with you who is watching over you and protecting you from the Darkness and waiting to take you Home. I have prepared a place for you that I think you will love and where you can wait for those that love you, and there are many There waiting to show you the wonders of my Realm. Don't let anyone make you afraid! Don't let anyone tell you this cannot be, for it is. It is what I have promised my children, and I promise you, especially that when the time comes for you to greet me I will have you brought into The Holiest Of All and greet you personally and say "Welcome, my daughter! Welcome Home!"
This is the message I would like to have you get to this young lady. It is the message I want all the people of England to know that I have sent her. I want all like her to know that I will not abandon them, no matter what the ignorance of some of the people around them. I will let them live their lives as best they can and then when those lives are done I will welcome them Home, and anyone that tries to tell them otherwise I will destroy utterly and completely, or send somebody very nasty to do it!
The demolishing of the former homes of The Apostles on the equivalent of The Temple Mount in spiritual Jerusalem started Monday with the dismantling of the house that was used by Joseph Smith who had replaced Peter as The Keeper Of Heaven's Gates. The demolishing of Heaven's Gates has already begun. It has been decided that some of the paving stones will be used in the entrances to each of The Patriarchs' estates, and some of the stones from the wall, so that each entrance will have some link with the old entrance to The Kingdom Of God. But The Gates themselves, that were only shut on ceremonial occasions, will be at the residence of John Lennon, in honor of his first effort to save The Kingdom Of God. Even if The Kingdom Of God is reopened, which will then be called The Kingdom Of Jesus, people will have to appear at The Gates Of The Patriarchs. Also, though the true Book Of Life now sits on a pedestal before The Holiest Of All and is sealed, copies will be put before The Gate of each Patriarch and those whishing entry into any of the spiritual Kingdoms will have to write everything they did in these copies of The Book Of Life, to be judged worthy to enter into The Kingdoms Of God, if they have kept The Laws Of God.
We wish so much we could talk directly with the Mormon leaders because every one in The Afterlife is trying to do Their best to get their support. It has been agreed that the world that was originally offered to First Lady Laura Bush if she would join Gerald's presidential campaign will now be offered to the young woman that they are requesting becomes Gerald's conscience, who would protect her people from his power. If The Mormons would agree to recognize us as prophets, and help us in our efforts, and this young woman would work with us, she would become God The Mother of that new world, and who she chose as her consort would become God The Father. And she would be given the right to give out parcels of this land to any Christian group that helped us. But only she would have that authority. She, alone, could offer parts of this new world as rewards for those serving God. All that promised to work for The First Lady now promise to work for this young woman if she accepts the position that God is offering her. Some people would say this was totally insane, it couldn't happen, but look at history! Look how many things people said couldn't happen and are now commonplace! People are being offered incredible power, incredible power!
Here's a link to God The Mother's letter to First Lady Laura Bush which explains what The Kingdom Of God had planned for her and her husband if they had followed God's wishes, and what will be in store for the young lady mentioned above if she becomes Demetrius' conscience.

Here's a follow up letter on the topic from Jesus to The First Lady.

And here's yet another follow up letter by Gerald to The King Of Saudi Arabia.

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