November 14, 2,008

An Open Letter From Ali ibn Abi Talib, The Steward Of The Kingdom Of Ishmael
To The Embassy Of Saudi Arabia

Most Profound Greetings!

Below is a copy of the latest letter that Speaker Gerald Polley has sent to The Mormon Prophet concerning this young woman that God desires that he adopt to become his conscience to protect The Mormon People as he works with them. Their Prophet, Joseph Smith, has asked that this young woman write his story so it can be added to the History of The Speaker's People. This is a deep embarrassment to Us because The Speaker has already honored The Prophet Muhammed by writing his story and adding it to The History of his People, and he has never properly been honored for this. I believe it would be to the benefit of The Saudi Arabian People to find their own protector, not only for themselves, but for all of The Islamic People, and to send her to The Speaker with sufficient funds that he might maintain her so she could carry on her mission. I do not think it right that the Christian people would have a protector and the Islamic people would not. A separate protector would be necessary because The Islamic People work on a different vibration or frequency than The Christian People. So a Christian protector would be of very little benefit to Us.
Again, I say that The Speaker would do all in his power to raise funds to take care of these things himself, if The Islamic People would give him a little help. There are some very dangerous times coming, and those who have committed small offenses among The Islamic People need protection. Nothing can be done for those who have committed major offenses, like molesting children, engaging in sodomy, and murder. They are doomed. But those who have committed small offenses and can be redeemed need to be protected. If a young woman was sent to The Speaker as I say, she would be honored and be made a part of his house, and should be officially made a part of his house. And she would be serving God. For she would be assuring that his powers are used properly, and would be able to communicate God's messages to the people without endangering them. The debt that The Islamic People owe should be paid, the honor they have been given should be recognized. The Speaker has defended them and called them people of honor and distinction when others were screaming that they were all butchers and murderers. A people should not reject those that protect them.
It would not hurt to seek a young woman with the courage to take such a mission, to accept God's position and do God's will in the service of her people. She should be between 13 and 14 and willing to serve for four years, and be assured that she would have all the honor when she was done, that the position that she would hold would be due. God would insist upon this. The youth is important. This is when people have their greatest power, when they have their greatest strength and they do not know how to use it. But this is when they have it.

The Servant Of
Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever


By; Gerald A. Polley

The Ancient One was working at his job one afternoon when he felt a gentle touch in his mind that he immediately recognized as the shy Imperial Telepath that had been working with him so much. When he opened his mind the telepath announced "Sir, the captain would like to speak to you. It's important."
"I'm awful busy," The Ancient One answered.
"Oh! I can do this!" the telepath answered. "I've watched you do it all the time. It should be simple!"
The Ancient One sighed and switched bodies with the telepath. He was outside a door. Another officer was with him. "You may enter, your majesty!" the officer snapped, opening the door.
As The Ancient One entered two female officers came forward carrying the robe that he was asked to wear when he was using the telepath's body. Begrudgingly The Ancient One put it on. The women bowed and backed off taking up positions by the door. The captain was sitting in his usual overstuffed chair drinking something from a decanter. There was another chair with a table beside it with food and beverage.
"Do be seated, your majesty!" the captain offered. "The telapath has not had his lunch. I'm sure in that body you are hungry. There is food and beverage. Do enjoy yourself!"
"That looks like your ale," The Ancient One remarked. "And even though he was used to it the last time I had some in his body I nearly blacked out!"
The captain smiled. "We are aware of that embarrassment," he remarked. "This is a far milder variety but just as tasty!"

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