Embassy Of The Kingdom Of God And The Grand Alliance
1013 1/2 N 3rd St., Bismarck, ND 58501
(701) 323-0241
November 24, 2,008

To The Attorney General Of Utah The Most Honorable Mark L. Shurtleff

Most Sincere Greetings!

Received the letter from your assistant William C. Loos, concerning our videos promoting vacationing in Utah this winter by God The Mother and, God The Father. We disagree completely, that we were in any way claiming that we owned the right to the department of Utah's web site. This is utterly preposterous! We merely put this address on the videos so that people could easily access information on how to vacation in Utah.
So there will be no confusion we will put a copy of this letter on the back of this correspondence. But we are keeping the original as an historical document so people can laugh at it in the future.
We have, however, modified the videos so that the web site address of the Utah department of tourism no longer shows. All that shows is an additional message to vacation Utah this winter. Apparently someone in your department supports the homosexuals, and is offended by these videos. It is the only reason that we can think of that this preposterous letter was sent. But we have fulfilled the wishes of this perverted individual and removed what has offended them from the videos. But this is a sad world when God tries to help people and those He is trying to help rejects Him.

A Servant Of
Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever
Speaker Gerald Polley

November 25, 2,008

An Open Letter From Ali ibn Abi Talib, The Steward Of The Kingdom Of Ishmael
To The Saudi Arabian Ambassador, Washington, DC

Most Profound Greetings!

I have told you of my authority, that I wish you to make contact with Speaker Gerald Polley in Bismarck, North Dakota, and assist him in his work to serve God. I wish you to know that Speaker Polley is in possession of a treasure, something that is so dear to all of Islam in Paradise that We seek its protection. It is a simple illustration in black ink on white 8 1/2 X 11 paper showing Muhammed riding into battle. It is the picture that adorns his Book in The Childrens' History. Here is a link to where it may be found on the internet.


I am writing you to ask that the Saudi government take possession of this illustration and protect it until such time as The Children Of The Lords have territory in the world and have a material embassy in The Saudi Capital. Then I ask that it be returned to them, and that it be displayed in their lobby as a symbol of the bond between The Children Of The Lords and the followers of Allah. There are those that would destroy the treasures that The Polleys hold for mankind, and this treasure must be protected. The bond between us must not be broken. That that makes us one must not be destroyed. We know that it is not your way to make images, but it is the way of The Children Of The Lords. To them images bond them to the past, bond them to them they love, and that they so love Muhammed that they have made an image of him defending his people is an honor to him for all time. We are different people. We have different ways. But when those ways show honor and respect even if they are not our ways they should be respected.
I ask you in all sincerity to announce to the world that you are sending a representative to retrieve this image and that the government of Saudi Arabia will gaurantee to the best of their abilities, that it will be protected until such time as it can be returned to its rightful owners as they take their place in the world.
God asks you to provide this service. God asks you to do this small thing for him, that the bond between Him and those that serve Him so faithfully will always be secure. If you should come yourself and receive this illustration and take it to a safe place, Speaker Polley would grant to you the right to choose any one of his art works or any one of the other illustrations his wife has done to be a gift to you, personally, to be a treasure for your family that would carry with it God's power and glory, that would bring His power and glory into your home. For God would reward those that do His will.

Yours In His Service
Now, And, Forever


The Matter Of Jewelry

A little problem we might have with young ladies coming into the house would be jewelry. Again it is because we do not believe in adorning oneself. We don't exactly approve of pierced ears but simple studs would be accepted if the ears are already pierced. But a great many rings and gaudy necklaces would not be accepted. Religious symbols could be worn as long as they are modest. This is simply our way.

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