November 26, 2,008

An Open Letter From John The Son Of Zebedee, Steward Of The Kingdom Of Israel
To Kevin at KROQ In Los Angeles

Greetings To God's True Voice In Los Angeles!

Demetrius' abilities fascinate Us! He says he isn't that powerful, but again and again he proves that that's far from the case. He has been keeping the morale up in the entire Afterlife by writing fantasy stories. The latest one he just completed is about a woman who is taken out of hell to inhabit the body of a woman who has died and fulfill her dreams, thereby restoring her soul. In one part she is asked to run for Governor. Here is a segment from the story.

Some papers were quickly produced and Helen signed them. "You know of course," the spokesman continued, "this is going to be nasty! Your opponants are going to spread every filthy story that is told about you."
Helen grinned. "They better not be doing anything themselves," Helen answered, "because you can bet I'll be telling about it. As a mater of fact, isn't one of the major Republican candidates Senator Bartholomew?"
"Yes!" the spokesman answered. "He's their major candidate! He'll be our greatest opposition."
"I don't think so!" Helen remarked. She picked up a piece of paper from her desk and held it out. The spokesman got up, took it, read it, and smiled.
"He'll be out of office in a week!" he muttered, "This will destroy him!"
"Sadly," Helen answered, "it will probably also destroy his family. But that is something he has caused, and not us."
"What is it father?" the woman who had spoken asked.
"Someone has gotten genetic tests on all of Bartholomew's daughters' children. None of them are their husbands! Their all the senator's, every one of them! All thirteen of his grandchildren are his own children by his daughters!"
"Oh my God!" the woman cried. "No wonder they all have problems! Oh, my God!"

Now here's an article that's on CNN today. A father in England who got his daughters pregnant nineteen times! Isn't this a shocking similarity?

Demetrius often uses stories in the news and incorporates them into his fiction. People love it! But when he puts in stories that haven't even happened yet, people love it even more! And this isn't the first time this has occured. It's happened several times in the past. The public should be aware of these things.
Demetrius is doing a little better. The nightmares are still plauging him. We believe this is because he cannot hunt. God may release him in about thirty days, regardless. He is trying to contact foreign countries and get their consent to hunt on their territory even though some people that could be saved might be destroyed. The need for his abilities is desperate! As long as there are people blowing themselves up at funerals and spraying acid on little girls because they're going to school, Demetrius needs to hunt. If you know of anybody that's interested in a good story that's got a lot of action and a considerable amount of intimacy, do let us know! "Second Chances" is a very good story! And as usual, to frustrate John Lennon, Demetrius left it off with a cliffhanger. He loves to do that and make people scream for a sequel.
Again, do consider producing one of Demetrius' songs for the Christmas season. If you've got somebody really good to do it, you could sell it as a single on ITunes. You don't have to say John Lennon wrote it, just say it was channeled from The Afterlife, and let people make up their own minds.

A Servant Of
Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever


Body Piercing And Tattoos

Now, here's a subject that some people will scream about! We know several people that have had problems with this with their children, and that's the matter of tattoos and body piercing, which would be absolutely forbidden! We do not believe in the mutilization of the body to gain acceptance from one's peers. Self inflicted injuries might be popular, but for us it would not be tolerated. And these things are very dangerous! The people promoting these things try to keep it quiet that young people are dying of staph infections caused by these penetrations of their flesh all the time, especially girls that have items put in private areas. Sometimes you really scratch your head and think "Why don't people realize these things? You're creating an open wound in an area that's exposed to the body's waste." Think, people! Think what you're allowing your children to do! And tattoos can be just as dangerous. The amount of people that die from infection from the most careful tattooers is not acceptable, not to mention the careless ones! These things are just unacceptable to us. Where Gerald works several of the young women have tattoos that show and are offensive to some customers. This is their free choice but it would not be acceptable for our children. Anyone entering our house would have to understand that. We are responsible for them. We have to protect them, and we would not have them taking unnecessary chances with their health. This might make us unpopular with some people that believe in letting the young express themselves any way they want to, but to tell you the absolute truth, we don't care about people like that. There's a place for them and they most surely go there if they allow their children to destroy themselves.

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