Official Document Embassy Of The Kingdoms Of God And The Grand Alliance
An Open Letter From Krishna, Called The Divine
To The Prime Minister Of India Through His Ambassador In Washington, DC
November 27, 2,008

Most Profound Greetings!

I am writing to you on a very important matter, concerning the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. I must inform you that these attacks were not caused by human agents, alone. Many of those that took part in them were controlled by creatures of Darkness, demons, whose purpose it is to destroy mankind. These attacks would have not been as serious if the great God Brahma's servant, The Great Destroyer, had not been unable to operate. If he had been able to deal with these creatures of Darkness the attacks would have been far less severe, and may not have occured at all.
But because the great Lord of Christianity, Jesus, has forsaken His people and abandoned mankind, he who the people of God call The Angel Of Destruction cannot function because The Bride Of Christ, Mary Magdalene who controlled his dark nature, has left with her husband, and now The Great Destroyer has no conscience.
Brahma, who is called by The Christians, God The Father, has been trying to solve this problem by summoning young maidens to The Great Destroyer's physical form, Speaker Gerald Polley, in Bismarck, North Dakota, to replace Mary Magdalene, to become courier/protectors for their people. He is trying to bring a maiden from Christianity and from Islam to serve as Speaker Polley's consciousnesses and to protect those that have done little wrongs and can be saved. The people of India need such a protector too, and I can tell you where she can be found. There is a well to do merchant in New Dheli who is in many aspects of entertainment. He has a daughter who is very fair and a joy to everyone who is thirteen years old and will soon be fourteen. She already tells everyone that there are people from the stars living on Earth, right among the human race. She is the protector of The Hindu People. Brahma has sent her into the world to teach these things unto all the people, and to awaken The Children Of The Stars. But now she is needed for another purpose. Her father should take her to The United States and ask the good Speaker to take her into his house as his daughter, to cherish and protect her and to allow her to be the shield to protect those among The Hindu People who can be saved from eternal death. This young woman's family should have every faith in The Speaker, should trust him totally and completely, and should know that their daughter would be as safe with him as with themselves. For he is the servant of all that are holy, all that are divine. He is the consort of Shiva but he may only harm those that do evil, the good have nothing to fear from him.
The only other solution to protect the people of India would be for the Indian government to officially give The Angel Of Destruction consent to hunt in their national territories in his spiritual form, even if some who have committed minor offenses would be destroyed. But one of these two alternatives must be met. But those who serve God will be rewarded. On the back of this letter is the contract that will be given to the Christian protector if she comes forward and takes the place that Brahma wishes her to take. The Christians will be given a new world, equal to Earth in the stars in perhaps a hundred years. And this young Christian woman will become its God, will become its spiritual ruler. The maiden that protects The Hindu People and keeps them from harm would be given the same offer if she performs her duties she will become a Goddess, equal to Brahma on another world. This is the reward that is offered, and it is a considerable one. The people of India should support this project.
Speaker Polley likes to pay his own way. He has many books on line that he would like to have printed in Hindu and sold in India. These works should raise a great deal of money, and bring a great deal of profit to those publishing them, as well as The Speaker. Brahma wants to protect His creation, wants to defend His people. But He cannot if His servants are unable to function. By giving them power and strength the people do Brahma's will, and fulfill His glory. I would very much appreciate it if your ambassador in Washington could contact Speaker Polley and discuss this issue with him to see if this young woman could be found, and if she would be willing to take the place that is offered her, if she would be willing to become a Goddess.
I must inform you that Speaker Linda Polley is the reincarnation of one of the servants of Brahma, and is the representative of The Hindu Alliance on Earth, those that represent The Hindu People in The Afterlife. The Rulers of that Alliance are all the Gods and Dieties recognized by The Hindu People, and they give to Speaker Polley all of Their power and authority. But she cannot fulfill the duties of a spiritual protector because her husband's powers are too great. That is why she needs additional female companions to control them. But she has the authority to sign all documents on behalf of The Hindu People in The Afterlife.

He Who Serves The Creator
Now, And, Forever

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