Well, that seems to be it for now. If you can get Our messages to The Mormons and something can be arranged one of the first interviews we would like to have this young lady do would be with you guys telling you what it's like to be with Demetrius and Alura. Alura has little hope that we will ever succeed because of everything that has been happening, but if We could awaken one other of God's messengers We might have a chance of success, so We have to try Our very best. The Steward Of The Kingdom Of Israel By The Authority Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All Now, And, Forever

November 12, 2,008

An Open Letter To The Staff Of The Saudi Arabian Embassy In Washington, D.C.
From Ali ibn Abi Talib Steward Of The Kingdom Of Ishmael

Below is a letter that The Steward Of The Kingdoms Of God has sent to The Mormons in The United States. I cannot tell you how important it is that they reply. As The People Of Islam need this young woman that is mentioned to protect them just as much as The Christians need her, not only that should God's True Voice ever visit any Islamic countries an Islamic young woman would have to be found to protect her people, to voluntarily stay at his side in the company of his wife while he was in their territory and protect her people. This would be a very honored position. And to keep all the Speaker comes in contact with safe, she would also have to be present during all negotiations no matter how much it might be against Islamic custom. She would be the only protection many of the people in an Islamic country would have. Any documents that should be taken to the Speaker, or that the Speaker should send to any Islamic country should be picked up and returned to that country by a young woman taking the responsibility to protect her people. At this time the Speaker does not dare send any physical messages to anyone. It took a great deal of effort to send a physical copy of the letter below to The Mormons without doing harm. God has given Us a great Defender, one who can attack Our enemies, who can bring down the greatest evil powers. But with the departure of Jesus and Our Beloved Muhammed all that protects us from him has gone with them, and We must be protected in other ways. And what I have described here is the only way that We can be safe. Only the most innocent among Us, the most pure can protect Us. Only they have the power to keep his wrath from Us. We cannot negotiate with you or with anyone without them being aware of this situation. There is still hope of saving mankind, but We cannot do so without The Voice Of The Prophets. And a means must be found so that he can continue his Work without harming those who have done little wrongs, but can be saved.
The reward that was being offered to First Lady Laura Bush if she was to become Demetrius' Vice Presidential Candidate is now being offered to this young woman among The Mormons if she will become Demetrius' conscience. A whole new world, a whole new home for The Christian People, a place in the stars. The same offer is being made to The Islamic People for their cooperation. Such rewards should not be forsaken, they should be seized upon. The suggestion has been made before that some publishing company in Saudi Arabia purchase the rights to print some of Demetrius' works in Arabic, and to distribute them among The Arab People. This would give him badly needed funds that would be used for the good of The Islamic People all over the world. For if mankind perishes The Islamic People will perish with them, and We do not want this. We cannot understand why a people do not want to enrich themselves, share in this glory. I am sure if you tried you could find someone interested in this project. But be sure if you send an emmisary to speak with Demetrius about this, that he take a young female companion, and that all others that travel with them be in male/female pairs. Never, ever under any circumstances send a group of men to council with him! This would be disastrous!

The Steward Of The Kingdom Of Ishmael
By The Authority Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All God, Wondrous And Merciful


We're Not The Only Ones!

We often get the question "Did anything like what is happening now ever happen to the extra terrestrials?" Well, back a few years ago we had problems with a group called Ashtar Command, which we ended up rather devastating, and threw their society into total chaos! Their religious leaders began to have similar problems to what Gerald is now having, not quite the same situation, but Gerald suggested the same solution, that they find some extra young ladies to live with them and act as shields to protect the people until their whole situation regenerated. The Ashtarians were appalled by this idea, though women were treated a little bit better in their society than in many on Earth, the males were still considered dominant, and the idea that they needed females to balance their power was very foreign to them. But they accepted Gerald's advice and sat up practically the same system that God wants to set up here on Earth. And you know something, it worked! After several years they were able to normally just have a wife and get by. They didn't need extra young women to balance them. This is not something that is just occurring to the human race, it has occured to a lot of other races, that in times of spiritual collapse the male leaders of the race needed more support.

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