Fortunately the bitterness about Peter being reborn as a Hindu and Mary, Jesus' Mother, being reborn into The Saudi Royal Family has finally completely disappeared. Many have realized that this was part of the cause of Jesus saying "Enough!" especially when a hundred souls were lost forever because they demanded that Jesus exterminate The Hindu and The Islamic race so that their beloved ones could not be reborn into them, so that they would stay Christian. It was a whole bunch of circumstances, not just one that made Jesus say "They will not obey me any more, there is no sense in me staying!" People are complaining that all these things have happened before, why now? Well, the main thing is things exactly like this have never happened before. Never before have people who have directly been sent into the world by God to perform certain missions turned their back on him and said "No! We love the lies of man better, and we will do them, not the will of God!" Always in the past those who took on flesh and said they would serve God, served Him. Nothing like this has ever been seen before.
Oh, one final note. Gerald did have another cute dream about a certain member of your staff who suddenly showed up with a whole bunch of money that was donated by somebody and stayed two weeks, helping Linda out and staying by Gerald for a while to help restore his power. She was calling in and giving updates on what was happening. That's a dream that's never going to come true! But it was a cute one, none the less! Gerald never had a thought of anything like that himself so he thinks it was a deep seeded wish in someone's mind that was projected to him. Linda had quite a crush on the young cameraman that kept coming by to take video while her and her guest were working.
The only thing we can say is that someone is responding in Salt Lake City. Right now the energy The Kingdom Of God is receiving from there has equaled Los Angeles! It probably won't last too long, but if we only could make it permanent! If only God could use Demetrius' body to speak in the temple there and empower the women of Mormonism to restore The Kingdom Of God, be the first to achieve equality with their brothers. We have to dream! We have to believe that it can be made possible, that it can be done. We cannot give up because if We give up We're done.
Oh ! Something came up. Now, it's obvious We're not going to disagree with Obama on everything. There are reports that he might use an executive order to free up federal funds for stem cell research. If you could let the public know that in this particular issue God would support him, it would be appreciated. There are other things that We will obviously disagree on, but the thousands of people that have suffered because the anti abortionists, in their ignorance, have held back stem cell research, cry out for justice, and God will see that they have it!

The Steward Of The Kingdoms Of God
By The Authority Of
Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

November 13, 2,008

Greetings Kevin!

Here's something we've been trying to work out. See if we've got it anywheres near right. Total surface area of the world 196,940,000 square miles. The Mormons would get 10% 19,694,000 square miles. So if these calculations are right at .05 per cent of The Mormon's share, you would be entitled to 9,847 square miles. That's if we got this right. But if we could ever get ahold of this young lady that would be the property that you would be able to claim, and could split up with the other people at the station. Something for everybody's descendants to look forward to. Check it out if you can! See if we've got these figures anywhere near right. Wouldn't want to cheat anybody!

Speaker Gerald Polley


We're Not Conquerors!

We were mentioning in a previous article, Ashtar Command, who we had trouble with some years ago because they thought they owned the entire universe. And someone has asked well, do we consider ourselves any better? We're saying we'll be going out and taking any inhabitable world we can find! Well, We are told that there are a lot of inhabitable worlds out there that have no intelligent life. For some reason life with intelligence has never developed on them. Now, if We were to find worlds that had intelligent life, We would probably visit them, establish some colonies on them, but We wouldn't take them over. Most of the races that We are aware of are so far away from Earth that most of them wouldn't want to colonize it, or, any planets in other solar systems in our vicinity, because they're simply too far away from their home worlds. They explore, they watch the primitives, but they're really not interested in taking over. There are exceptions, like The Ashtarians, who feel they have to dominate everybody. But they've been taken care of. But there's lots of worlds out there. Now, some of them may be only semi inhabitable. It might take a little work to make thriving communities there. But We'd be able to do it, if the mass was right and we'd be comfortable in that gravity. Little things like a planet being a bit too cold or a bit too warm could be remedied. And when We develop anti gravity worlds that were uncomfortable for us could be made comfortable. There's just so many opportunities out there! We don't have to take other peoples' worlds, we might even make some of our own! Our Ancestors, The Hashons, were never conquerors and We will never be conquerors!

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