December 8, 2,008
It's In His Hands

A little addition for the people of India. Lord Krishna is very disappointed. He had the perfect individual to be his equivalent on the new world for the Goddess that Brahma is preparing. Unfortunately that individual could not deal with having a wife and children. Though his spiritual powers are great the idea of doing this was too much for him. So someone else must be sought, someone who will, when the people of India travel to their new world, be their spiritual warrior, their great protector against all that is evil, perhaps someone who is near to the Goddess already and would seek to protect her in this world, as well as the next. We will simply have to see who comes forward who will take the mantle of Supreme Spiritual Warrior. We're sure God will provide someone.

An Open Letter From God The Father
To The President Of Pakistan

Most Sincere Greetings!

I am not actually writing to you today, other than to praise your efforts to follow my instructions even though you have not yet called forth my servant. The arrest of the first militants responsible for the massacre in India is encouraging to me, and I hope that your security forces will continue their efforts to round up those responsible for this nightmare. My purpose in writing to you today is to ask you to deliver a letter to one of those arrested on my behalf. If you will do so I believe it will help lower the tensions between Pakistan and India. This is what I say to that individual.

An Open Letter From God The Father, Who The People Of Islam Call Allah
To Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi

It is with deepest sadness that I must write to you and tell you that because of your actions, because of what those who followed you did in India, you have forced me to take grave action against those that follow you. On December 30th they will be punished for what was done in India, and that punishment will be severe. I will not tell you of it now because I wish you to summon my servant and have him tell you what will happen to those that follow you if you do not fulfill my wishes. He will give you an alternative. He will offer mercy. It will be up to you rather you take it or not and save your people from my wrath. I will give you that choice.
But rather or not you save your people you know what your fate must be. A pregnant woman has been murdered, a thirteen year old girl has been murdered by your instruction. You full well know what your punishment must be. I do not have to tell you this. But I can promise you this, that if you cooperate with me, if you help me so my punishment against your people does not have to be so harsh, there is a possibility you can still have Paradise. There is a time that you will suffer, but there is a possibility that you can abide with your loved ones after learning the errors of your ways. But if you do not do what I ask there is no hope of this, whatsoever, you and many around you will never know Paradise, will never know anything other than despair. Now this is the opportunity that I give you, the hope that I give you. If you will petition The President Of Pakistan to request that Speaker Gerald Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, United States Of America be summoned to Pakistan and that you request that your fate be put totally at his discretion, that he pronounce judgment on you and carry out that judgment in my name, he will tell you what else you must do to save the people that you have sent to damnation. It is a simple matter. It is a matter of rather or not you will obey me, rather you care or not for those around you. I ask you to visualize the faces of all those dear to you and know that The Angel Of Destruction hovers above them and that he will extract the payment I demand. It is entirely up to you how great that payment is, no one else. Their fate depends on you. And I will tell the world this, I will tell the people of Pakistan this and I will tell the people of India this. What happens to those around you is your fault, your decision. Rather they are punished for what you did or not is entirely up to you. I give you the power to save them, or I give you the power to destroy them, not just materially but forever, not just in this life, but for all time. That is the power I put into your hands. I would much rather receive them into Paradise and let them dwell joyously with me. But if they do not they will know it is you that kept them from it, and it will be you that they curse with their final breath.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever


Who's To Blame, Anyway?

We keep saying the fate of the world is in this person's hands and then that person's hands, and then somebody else's hands. Whose hands is it in anyway? Well the truth is, it changes from day to day and passes from person to person. And some of the people that had the fate of the world in their hands a year ago, still have it in their hands today. Those who did not act when they needed to act still have a lot of problems, a lot of things they'll have to answer for. This is an unpleasant truth, but it is a truth, none the less. Right now this guy in Pakistan holds the fate of the world and his people in his hands. If he continues to hate, if he continues to believe he can kill and not be held accountable, he's going to destroy himself and everyone around him. He will bring his children down with him. For he has planted in their minds the seeds of death. That's how it is! People don't like it, people don't want it, they never want to be responsible for it, they aways want to say "No, not me! I'm not to blame!" but they are.

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