December 8, 2,008
Her Power Is Needed

An Open Letter From God The Father
To The King Of Saudi Arabia Through His Embassy In Washington, DC

Most Profound Greetings!

Below is a letter that I have sent to the Islamic militant leader in Pakistan giving him an opportunity to save his people, to give them paradise. But in order to accomplish this mission my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley, would need an Islamic protector to keep him from harming the innocent people in Pakistan. At the end of this letter is a description of where one of these protectors can be found. I must tell you that the first choice is still the best one. Because of the ongoing flow of energy we could still give this young woman the ability to restore eternal life, something Speaker Polley would not like because she would have to be present during executions in order to fulfill this mission. So she would have to be a young woman of exceptional courage who is devoted to her people, and would have to understand the necessity of why these things were being done. And she would have to have the desire to keep as many as possible from eternal death. Any one of the four could serve. But she would be the best. There is something else that I should let you know of. The Speaker would be able to train the second one to do psychic readings, to gain information from the minds of those opposing them and give it to The Speaker, though he would possess this information on a subconscious level he would still be able to use it against his enemies. She would be a valuable tool. There is also the matter of the American Goddess that is needed, for this is the only thing we can call them now because of the rewards that I offer them for saving my children they will become Goddesses. I will give them power equal to my own. Their consort, their male companion will be second to them. It is they that will rule the Paradises that they are given, because this is what I have ordained. If there is any way that you could encourage The Mormons to cooperate, to find the young woman that is needed among them, and support her so she can do her work with my servant, it would be very advantageous, very beneficial to The Islamic People. Perhaps if you could give The Mormons more liberty to teach in Saudi Arabia the few converts they would make would be hardly noticable, and as they would live in harmony with those around them they would be no danger. Remember, those who fear to hear what other people have to say because it might destroy their faith have no faith. Those who truly believe are not afraid of what others teach because they can hear and not believe or come to understand how the others' teachings are similar to their own. Those who must kill those who are different, who teach different things are not my children, they are the children of evil and their fate is eternal death, banishment from Paradise. I ask you to help The Pakistani People by supporting my servant's efforts and sending him a protector that can travel with him and keep my people safe whenever he enters into an Islamic country so that he may use his powers without fear.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever


It's How Things Are

We've got one of those forever silly questions "How does God know these young women with these powers are in these places?" DUH! He sent them there! He put them there to perform certain duties, to do certain jobs. Now they're being asked to do other jobs that their powers are very suited for, as stated above, some things that Speaker Polley definitely does not care for, that he doesn't want them doing but that may be unavoidable. Sometimes you just can't say no. When a situation is so desperate if people are willing to take risks, willing to do very hard things, you must step aside and let them do them, and do all in your power to shield them from the side effects that will occur, and side effects will occur, there's no question of that. You can't get into a disturbed consciousness without picking up some very bad vibes, and you have to know how to deal with them. These are definitely things children should not be doing. But there's a lot of things that children are being made to do that they shouldn't be doing. God has sent us warriors. He has given us the strength to overcome the Darkness. We have to be willing to use them, and do all in our power to protect them. It's just how things are. We wish they weren't that way, but it's how things are.


Things are more like they are now than they ever were before. ( Dwight D. Eisenhower )

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