December 9, 2,008

A Private Letter From God The Father
To The King Of Saudi Arabia Through His Ambassador At Washington, DC

Most Profound Greetings!

Below are some comments I have been asked to make again about the young ladies that we are so desperately seeking. I am sure that if others have these questions you and they have them also. I would like very much for you personally to seek out these young ladies, give them this information and all else I have provided and make them aware of how needed their service to me is. At the end of these comments is something else I would like to discuss with you that is of grave importance.
We have been asked again to explain why it is so necessary to have these young women to be courier/protectors. It is simply a matter of power. When Demetrius is with a female companion that is bonded to him, like a wife or a child they become one. Their powers are united. They are a single entity, and their powers double. Therefore, when Demetrius is with a companion he is four times more powerful than he is when he is alone. That, in itself, is a reason to have companions with him that he can bond with. He can temporarily bond with any female with her consent, for short periods of time. But for long, sustained work it must be someone that accepts his authority absolutely, such as a wife or, a child. As long as the young women with him accept his parental authority they can become one with him and share his power. That is why they are so necessary. By combining with Demetrius they give him what he lacks, a conscience, compassion, pity, those things that are necessary to make him capable of responding as a human being.
His wife is beyond child bearing. She no longer has enough power to control his nature. With Mary Magdalene and Muhammed's wife gone it becomes absolutely necessary for him to have others that can supply these things, that will take the sharp edges off his power. This is the simplest way it can be explained. Not everyone could do this. They need to be very special individuals who care more for others than themselves and recognize these qualities in others. That is why the Goddesses need to be awakened, each of whom cares for her people, will do all in her power to protect her people and to keep them from harm. They will know that by combining their power with Demetrius', with Speaker Gerald Polley's, they will best be able to accomplish that purpose. Sometimes when they are together and there is more than one Goddess present their powers may be so combined that Demetrius may become six times more powerful than he is when he is alone. His power alone is tremendous! People are beginning to recognize what he can do. Imagine if that power was 6 times as great! This is why the courier/protectors are needed, this is why they are vital to give us the power we need to save Our children.
Again We are asked "Why must they be between 13 and 14 years old when they come to Demetrius?" Simply so they can bond with him as children. Once they are bonded with him that bond should last for four years or more until they become adults and desire to go their own way. They would be willing, until then, to accept Demetrius' authority and accompany him on missions to see to the well being of their people. If it would still be necessary when their period of service is done another might be needed to replace them. But this cannot be known until that time comes. But right now the need for them is very great. It is hoped that after their period of service is done things will be so well that they won't be needed. We can only wait and see. But every hour that passes without them now increases the danger to mankind, lessens the chances of their survival. These are ancient ways, ways that were practiced long before human beings kept a history, things that were known before the beginning of time. Now they are needed to serve the people, and every people of every nation should realize how desperate that need is. Their very survival depends upon it!
It is becoming apparent that we are going to need at least one male son also besides the daughters. It may be necessary at times, for Speaker Gerald Polley to take more than one daughter with him on missions. If this was necessary he would not be able to take his wife because this would be an overburden on the system. Two females at once would be controllable outside of a home situation, three would not. Stability could not be maintained. So the daughters would have to chaperone each other and the mother would have to remain home. This would not be appropriate without her having a male protector to fortify her power and protect her against the creatures of Darkness while her husband is away. That is why a son would be necessary to stay in her proximity as the daughters stay in their father's proximity while they are protecting the people. Though he would be protecting only one individual that individual's importance to Us would make his mission profound. It might be difficult for some young men to take this assignment because they would have to be subordinate to their senior sister and bond with their mother, not their father, take her power not his. But he would need just as much courage and just as much determination to protect his people as his sisters must possess. I am sure others are beginning to realize this too and are wondering if they should come forth and present the idea of providing a son. I wish this son to be Islamic, and I wish him to be Saudi. That is the power I wish to be used to protect their sacred mother who has fought so hard for them. I ask you, in all sincerity, to look about you and consider who you might present as a candidate. Again he should be of about the same age as his sisters, perhaps a little older would be acceptable, but he must fully understand the importance of the mission he would be performing, how vital it is, and he would have to realize that some people would make fun of him and say embarrassing things about him, but he would have to know that this is

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