acceptable because he is performing a mission for me, and that mission is vital. He would be the same as any soldier in the field fighting a great battle, protecting his mother from the forces of Darkness would make him a hero among all the people of the world and one of the greatest men of our time. I again ask you to seek out my daughters and to tell them how much they are needed, that the fate of the world rests on them. The survival of all their brothers and sisters throughout the world may well depend on how well they can perform their missions. They stand between us and failure. We need them and we need the financial resources to support them so that they can perform my will. Those who provide them and provide those resources will be blessed by generations to come as their saviors. These are the darkest hours but We can prevail! I will again remind you that I am seeking a headquarters in Washington DC to house these operations. It does not have to be a new structure it can be an old one that has served other functions but could be converted into bedrooms and workspace and could be used as my embassy in Washington housing my representative. Providing this structure and maintaining it for four years will bring blessings without end to The Islamic People, not just to the people of Saudi Arabia. A little bit of ground, a little bit of space to save all of mankind. I ask for this personally as The Creator of that ground, as The Creator of that space, as the One who gave it to you. I ask you for a time, to give it back to me and let my power reside there and let my servant reside there so the glory that is Islam will endure forever, and the ignorant will not destroy it.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

December 10, 2,008

An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Prime Minister Of Pakistan, Yousaf Raza Gilani
Given Through His Embassy In Washington, DC And The Media Of The World

Most Profound Greetings!

We are celebrating in The Kingdoms Of God today the brilliant work of my servant Ronald Reagan who exposed the corruption of the governor of Illinois as he was trying to sell Barack Obama's senate seat and punish the media for opposing him. This was a brilliant piece of work! And it shows what Those who serve me can do, both in the material world, and, The Afterlife. Mr. Reagan heads one of my dear servant's, Speaker Gerald Polley's Spiritual Action Committees that were working to have him elected president of The United States. Though that effort failed these committees are still operating in an effort to expose any corruption that The Democrats are involved in because I am against the Obama administration. We consider this first effort devastating, and We will be looking for more. As my Agents are invisible and can go anywhere and inspire the living to do Their will They are formidable. I use this as an example of what We can do. Now I want to talk to you about why I am writing you. Below is a letter that I sent to your President offering to take the burden of the attack in India off from him by putting it into the ha

nds of my servant Speaker Gerald Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, who I consider my only true voice on Earth. I now extend the same offer to you. If you will agree to have the letter below delivered to both of the suspects in this tragic situation. You may ask Speaker Polley to take charge of this situation, put yourself under his direction, and allow him to take full responsibility for all actions in this matter. That you will order the military and the police in Pakistan to obey him in all matters and to assist him in the carrying out of justice in this matter. You will ask the judicial system to give him full authority to judge all involved and pronounce sentence as my representative. He would be acting on my behalf and with my authority, so that all others following him could not be in any way held accountable. The responsibility for all actions would be his, would be mine, for he would be acting directly on my instructions. The deadline is December 30th. I must take action by then so that the people of India will know that justice has been done. I wish to make that justice as merciful as possible, yet satisfy the people's needs that their dead be honored, and that those responsible be punished. I sincerely ask for your assistance in this matter, for your cooperation, and I assure you if I get it the people of Pakistan will be gloriously rewarded.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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Why Would They Do It?

Here's a good question! Somebody trains for a job all their life. There's people in Pakistan that have put their full efforts to becoming the Prime Minister, The President, The Chief Justice, the highest ranking General. How can We possibly expect that they would be willing to have us come in and take over their responsibilities, do their job?
It's quite simple, really! They would realize that God is asking us to do it, and that should give them the complete willingness to step aside and let us do our job. People that believe are willing to let in God's servants, and have them do what must be done. Many actually appreciate this, because it takes the burden of having to make very hard decisions away from them, and gives it to somebody else. There's no leader of any country that wants his people saying that he murdered their neighbors to placate an enemy.

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