December 2, 2,008
A Goddess In India

An Open Letter From Speaker Gerald Polley, Representative Of The Kingdoms Of God
To First Lady Laura Bush

Most Profound Greetings!

Below is a letter that we have sent to the media in India. We have been having a great deal of trouble doing this because every time we visit their web sites our computer gets infected with viruses so we have to stop and clean it out and continue. God would appreciate it very much if you could copy this letter and fax it to India newspapers. If you could get somebody to translate it into Hindu it would be much appreciated. This is a very precarious situation. The creatures of Darkness have done grievous harm! They are trying to attack us at our weakest point, and we must not let them succeed. If you truly care about the Islamic women in the region, God asks you to assist in this matter. If you were to go to the ambassador at the Pakistani embassy and ask him to invite me to Washington, telling him that you would personally fund the effort, even pay for a young woman to escort me and protect her people while I was in Washington, this would be of tremendous benefit to us. You know full well that we are real, and that we are capable of doing what we say we can. We much prefer to do things in the kindest way possible, though some people might not understand that we are offering a kindness. But I will tell you openly the President of Pakistan is making a choice of losing 2,000 souls forever, or perhaps losing one or two, and if we're extremely lucky, none at all. The choice would be hard. Doing what God requests would not be pleasant. But it should make the terrorists understand that their actions would be punished, and perhaps prevent further terrorist attacks. You are in a position to do a great deal of good. It might not be popular, but it would still be good. It would help thousands of people. God asks you to do that good. If you want to know what it is that God is asking the Pakistani President, what the message is that I need to deliver to him, call my wife at (701) 323-0241. Tell her who you are and say that "I really need to know what God wants in Pakistan!" and have her read the decree to you. Then you could decide rather or not you should help. But I can tell you now, this is the best alternative. It is much better than hundreds of thousands of people dying in a war that may engulf the world.

A Servant Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

An Open Letter To The Media Of India
From Speaker Gerald Polley, Representative Of The Kingdoms Of God And The Grand Alliance

December 1, 2,008

Most Profound Greetings!

The other day we sent you a letter from Lord Krishna stating that spiritual warriors in Pakistan wanted to come and help those in India that were being attacked by creatures of Darkness because of the incident in Mumbai. We mentioned that they could not reach India because the psychic barriers between India and Pakistan were too strong and we asked the permission of the government of India for them to come. We must inform you that someone among you reached someone, because yesterday those barriers fell! It is now as if Pakistan and India were one country, spiritually. The Islamic spiritual warriors have rushed to all the sacred sites in India that were being attacked by the creatures of Darkness, and relieved the Hindu defenders, driving off the creatures of Darkness. It is a considerable defeat for the creatures of Darkness, whose purpose it is to create war between Pakistan and India, and thereby destroy mankind. Whoever it was among the media of India that succeeded in this effort, God will richly reward him or her. There is no question of that! I have sent a note to the President Of Pakistan through his embassy in The United States, or, actually, God has, telling him what would be done in response to the attack on Mumbai, and offered an alternative, an act of mercy. Because the American government is interfering with God's communications, we cannot give God's full instructions. We encourage the people of India to raise their voices and request that The President Of Pakistan receive God's instructions in the manner that God wishes, and consider implimenting them. If we could get such success as with the last effort, we could really begin to accomplish things. We have gotten the latest copy of our magazine, "Voices From Spirit" on line. It has a great deal of information in it about what God is offering to the Goddess that He wants us to adopt from India. Here is the link.

On pages 8 and 9 is the letter to the Mormons explaining the dire situation and asking for a Goddess from their church. The needs for the Hindu Goddess are virtually the same. At the bottom of page 11 is an article explaining why the young women need to be so young that are needed for this purpose. Though they speak of a Christian and a Muslim in this article, it applies equally, to the Hindu Goddess. On page 13 is the first letter to the Islamic people telling them that they need a protector as well. On page 17 is a second proposal to The Mormons explaining more of what is needed that would also apply to The Islamic Goddess. On the bottom of the page are some of the little restrictions that a young woman would have to follow living in our house.

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