An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Media Of The World
09-10-00 AJ

This is not how I intended to begin this letter, but the news that the Nobel committee has awarded Obama the peace prize has just absolutely sickened everyone in The Afterlife! Everyone in my Kingdoms declares that the Nobel committee is insane. They're saying everything backwards. This man isn't striving for peace, he's creating chaos! Fortunately We were able to counter it and let's hope We can keep that up. Well, it should've been Demetrius' prize, would've gone to support the goddesses. Maybe next year if We get the Palestinian project going and show these people what a real peace maker can do. Peace prize! Good grief! We are completely at a loss why people are making a fuss that more lesbians are put out of the army under don't ask don't tell than homosexuals. Why are they telling? Why don't they keep it quiet? If they break the rule they should be put out of the service. Doesn't matter if they're male or female. If homosexuals want to serve they keep it to themselves, do it in private. Don't make a fuss about it. Then they can serve as long as they want to. However, when they start teaching sickness, when they start saying it's acceptable and they want to serve as an open lesbian they have to go, it's that simple. If more lesbians enlist than homosexuals that's their problem!
John Lennon's birthday again! Have to thank his mother! And I again send my deepest regards to Yoko Ono for forging him into the man that in Our most dire emergency became the hero that We desperately needed. But for John my children would be dying right now, my world would be shriveling up. Nothing can ever repay what he has done, no matter how much praise I give, no matter how much honor. I just hope all was not in vain. Many still say he should take Jesus' Throne, not Mr. Mandela. But John refuses. If Yoko was to accept his Apostleship he might accept something else. However, if she will not join him in Heaven, if she will not turn from the evil she supports and accept eternal life he cannot go any further. Wish so much we could reach her, wish so much she would say "John, I'm here, I'll help though it hurts. I understand the truth." We can dream!
Oh! Here's the links to Demetrius' & Alura's latest interview on KROQ. If you use the shorter one go to the last selection. 07 Wednesday-------&file=04%20Gerald%20and%20Linda%20Polley-2009-10-07.mp3

I am asked why we are so against other men directing the courier/protectors when Demetrius is a man and will be giving them orders. Well, let me put it this way. If Demetrius has to lead the courier/protectors by ordering them around, by using his authority, then We are already beaten. The creatures of Darkness have won. The only way Demetrius could lead these young men and young women is by teaching them and by example. Fifteen strong personalities like this could not be lead by someone who would simply give them orders. Demetrius would need to teach them what needs to be done and then when missions are coming up let them know who needs to do what on a particular adventure. The courier/protectors will have to serve not because they are ordered to serve, but because they want to serve. They must understand that everything Demetrius tells them to do is absolutely necessary for the survival of the human race. If they are unable to combine their powers and get the necessary things done the human race will perish. They must do all because they love their father and love their people, knowing that they must use their powers to the best of their abilities to protect them. That is the only way this will work. No, Demetrius won't be ordering his children, he will tell them what needs to be done and they will do it to the best of their ability. No one will be giving them orders because if they have to We're finished.
Brooke Astor made a comment about her son being convicted then had Demetrius remove it and wants to say this instead, to his wife. "Dear, I'd like you to go to the web site at the end of this letter telling about the efforts to find these young ladies. After reading what needs to be done I'd like you to join Mr. Polley and serve him in any way that's necessary while your husband is away, giving him all the help you can using all your contacts. But just as soon as your husband returns, separate yourself. Do not let my son get involved in this effort, unless it is very quietly and well away from Mr. Polley. You would be perfectly safe, my son would not. When the time comes I will greet you warmly and say 'Come dear, let me show you your room. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it!' Then I want you to meet my friends John Lennon and Michael Jackson. We're still going to be busy. When it's necessary your husband can share your room, though he won't deserve it. Do this for me, would you? I do want us to be together." Demetrius says again "Will never happen. Her husband probably won't even do time." But one of these days Demetrius is going to be proven wrong, and I hope this lady is one of them because many want her to find the way to my Kingdoms, myself among them.
Wow! I don't have to do much against The Catholics, they're doing it themselves! The Catholic bishops coming out against the health care bill because it allows abortions have turned many Catholic women against them. They're just fed up with their male egos their need for dominance. Well, I've got the perfect alternative, ladies. I'm trying to get The Pope to put him in charge of the American Church. Maybe if you put some pressure on him, I might succeed!

He Who Dwells In the Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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