Everything is conspiring against us! As you can see from the letter below yesterday's email has created a bit of rebellion in The Afterlife. We hope today's message to The Prophet Of The Mormons in The United States will take care of the problem. But we also have another one! God wanted to place the ad "Christianity is falling, Islam is rising. Join the glory!" with a web site link to John Lennon's refusal to become The Leader Of The Kingdoms Of God. But that decree won't be up until the end of the month when our new issue comes out, and we're at a loss as to what else to use. So it wouldn't make much sense asking people to place the ad, as we can't afford to do it. But The Islamic People are definitely being called. Each day a new power source appears. Now there is one in the capital of Yemen feeding power directly to us in North Dakota! The stream can be followed all the way from the north of the capital through the material world through The Afterlife, back into the material world to us! It is unquestioned! Someone there is swearing allegiance to us and sending us power. It is absolutely maddening that they will not contact us materially. The truth is right now we have too much power, we can't use it! We're effectively crippled without the courier/protectors. Speaker Gerald Polley can now travel while Muhammed is still with us, before he leaves in March, but he could not use his powers, not the slightest little bit without creating havoc, without having everybody at each other's throats. These are incredibly difficult times, unbelievably difficult. To cut down on some of the power in our residence we have packed Speaker Polley's untyped stories in plastic containers that seal their power in. Still more should be stored, but we have no more containers.
So again we are reaching out to the media around the world letting them know that positions are available in God's service. And if they help us now their reward will be to have positions of authority in the new world that will be given to their faith under the stewardship of its goddess. God's rewards are great! But Islam is desperately needed, TRUE Islam, not the Islam of the fanatics, not the Islam of The Taliban, but True Islam. It is needed to save the world!
One further note- God is enraged that Hillary Clinton has sold out The Tibetan People for the sake of an economic alliance with China. Murder and torture mean nothing to her. All that she believes in is the almighty dollar! She will sacrifice any people for her greed in her lust for power. Who will be next? All the world should beware! The Polleys

An Official Document
Embassy Of The Kingdoms Of God An Open Letter From God The Mother
To The Prophet Of The Mormon Church
21-02-00 AJ

On the back of this note is a message that was sent to Pope Benedict yesterday concerning who will become the male consort of the Christian Goddess who will be the steward of Our new world in the stars. ( see page 28 ) It seems the one who made this proposal is not truly the one that has the right to make it. She is the Catholic protector who is being sought to protect the Christians in Europe and Catholics throughout the world.
Your people, The Mormons, have risen up and said "No! A contract has been offered to one of our daughters to take this place. If any among mankind should be offered this position as the male ruler of this new world our protector should offer that position to our prophet, for it is The Mormons who have done the most to serve God at this time. They are the only ones that have never betrayed Jesus. It is for our protector to disperse the rights to this new world. This Catholic girl is a usurper! She has no right to make such an offer!"
There has been a great deal of discourse. So finally it has been decided that in order for the European protector to claim the right to disperse this property and to rule over this world as its spiritual mother and select her consort, you must be given one last opportunity to decide rather or not you will present and fund a protector, according to the agreements that were presented to you.
Therefore, we are granting you thirty days from the giving of this message to contact Speaker Gerald Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, and declare that you will accept his guidance in the reforming of your church and provide a courier/protector so that he can fully use his powers in The United States and that she will fulfill the agreements that have been sent forth for this purpose. If you begin such negotiations in good faith, and they come to a full conclusion, your rights as the original party called to serve in this matter will be recognized. And it will be up to your protector as to who her consort will be who will rule Christianity's new world with her.
This is the only fair solution that can be reached. If The Mormon People reject the offer that is being given them, to be the leaders in the restoration of Christianity, others will have the right to lay claim to that that was promised to them. If they throw it away others have the right to pick it up and to use it to their advantage. God still desires that your daughter, a child of The Mormons, be the leader of the spiritual protectors and direct their operations, that all others be subordinate to her. He believes it should be your desire, also, so He is giving you one last opportunity to claim the reward that is offered, and truly represent His Blessed Son on Earth.

She Who Stands Beside Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All Now, And, Forever
Signed In The Name Of God The Mother
By Speaker Gerald Polley,
God's Only True Representative On Earth
At The Embassy Of The Kingdoms Of God 1013 1/2 N 3rd Street, Bismarck, North Dakota 58501
(701) 323-0241 spiritist@yahoo.com

________________S.L. Gerald A. Polley___________________

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