An Open Letter From John, The Son Of Zebedee To The American Media

It is without doubt to say that our situation is now desperate. The need to reach Yoko Ono is beyond explaination. God still wants Our Beloved Demetrius to make another presidential run in 2,012. We are looking for people to represent him throughout The United States. We need the media to make him known to the public. Those who join us now will receive special rewards that will be handed down to their descendants. What we speak is unpopular, that Jesus has abandoned mankind because of the homosexuals and because of the cry of "Economic prosperity above all else!" has left us devastated. We desperately need to restore The Kingdom Of God, to restore salvation. We cannot do this without John Lennon. Reaching Yoko is imperative! And every American should know that their survival depends upon it. Also, we need the courier/protectors from every major religious group to carry God's messages back to their people, to restore the power of God's servant to hunt and destroy evil. The American People should be aware that these young women are being called and will be glorified. The need for The Mormon protector is especially vital. Members of the press should be contacting The Mormon Prophet and asking him rather or not he is going to save mankind. The Mormon People should be aware of their exalted position. These are trying times, but they can also be glorious times if man responds to God. Every voice speaking for God is vital! Every voice speaking the truth, no matter how unpopular, is another chance to save mankind. I ask all receiving this email to be one of those voices!

He Who Serves Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All Now, And, Forever

An Official Decree From The Kingdom Of Israel
From John The Son Of Zebedee, Its Ruler
22-02-00 AJ

Be it known that I have entered into The Holiest Of All and tendered my resignation to God The Father as The Ruler Of The Kingdom Of Israel and the head of The Kingdoms Of God. For the time being James, The Son Of Alphaeus has taken over the post that I am vacating. Hopefully he can do a better job because as Commander of The Angelic Guard he has had more contact with Our Beloved Demetrius (Speaker Gerald Polley) who is at this time, God's only true voice on Earth, the only one that will speak without the corruption of mankind.
I deeply regret that because of my failure to be able to be The Steward Of God's Kingdoms, so much chaos has ensued. We did not realize that the departure of Our Beloved Jesus and His consort, Mary Magdalene, would create so much havoc that it was actually Our Beloved Mary Magdalene that was assisting in keeping Our Beloved Demetrius' powers under control, and that without her every time he tries to act chaos is occuring among the living. My wife could not fulfill the function of Mary Magdalene. God has tried to arrange an alternate system, courier/ protectors from each major religion to live with Demetrius, shield and protect their people while they help deliver God's messages. God is offering great rewards for these courier/protectors to take their place, but none will. Therefore, despite the tremendous power We possess We are virtually impotent. We can stand Our ground against the creatures of Darkness but We can make no headway against them. We are in a stalemate, and the loss of the human race grows more possible every day.
I have decided, both my wife and I have decided, that we must carry the battle to the material world. So we have therefore chosen to reincarnate as members of the Pentecostal faith in The United States and try to bring power in to them so that they may be brought back to God's service and the evil that has crept into their society may be countered. We have chosen to do this almost immediately. We do not want to give the exact times or dates, so that these children will not be sought after to be manipulated by the forces of evil. But I am leaving my position as The Patriarch of the tribe of Reuben, and as director of communications with the material world. I have asked John Paul II, former vicar of The Church Of Rome, to take my place, and if The Kingdom Of God should be reestablished to take my place as Apostle in that Kingdom. He has accepted and God has approved. So from this date forth he now fulfills those duties. My service as an Apostle of Jesus Christ has ended. I hope some day, under another name, to earn God's praise and have a position someplace else in Jesus' service, so that which He created never ends. But my failure is deep and painful and I cannot continue.
There is one that should lead The Kingdoms Of God, restore The Kingdom Of Jesus, and give mankind hope. But he will not take his place unless his earthly love accepts his Apostleship and promises to do what God requires so she may enter The Kingdoms Of God with him. Therefore, with this decree I send a special plea to Yoko Ono, the earthly wife of John Lennon. In the service of Our Lord And Savior your husband has reached levels of greatness that have surpassed mine. I honor him with the deepest respect and admiration. I ask, in the name of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ that you recognize his Apostleship, praise what he has accomplished, and support his ascension to The Rulership Of The Kingdoms Of God. The salvation of all mankind depends on the restoration of your love. Therefore, I ask with all sincerity, that you accept the great love that is given you and return it for the sake of us all.
This ends my decree. As I have said, my service as an Apostle is now ended. I give my title and authority to others, and I hope they do better than I have done.

Given In The Name Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All Now, and, Forever

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