The offer below is not generally available throughout The United States, but God does extend it to the media in these four localities, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, CA, Salt Lake City, UT. and Orlando, FL The owners of newspapers, t.v. and radio stations in these locations that will support our efforts and request them would receive deeds for land on the Christian world as soon as a courier/protector is available to issue them.

An Open Letter From A Servant Of God
To The Media Of The Islamic World, Newspapers, Television And Radio
23-02-00 AJ

As a servant of God I cannot tell you how much He wants to reward His people rather than punish them. He desires greatly that the letter from the spiritual leader of Islam below, be translated into Arabic to be published in all Islamic newspapers, read on television and radio, for the editors of Islamic newspapers, the owners of the radio and television stations to join His campaign to restore Islam, to bring back its righteousness, its glory, and have it be the force that will save mankind.
We have no money to have such articles printed ourselves, or, to record them. So God is making an offer to each editor or owner that will serve Him, that will deliver His messages to the people and tell the people that they are true. Every one of those that contacts us and agrees to help us, their eldest daughter will be given a deed of land on the new world that The Islamic People will possess if We succeed in saving mankind.
The Islamic courier/protector will issue these deeds for 25 square miles of land, to be the inheritance of this family in a hundred years, or as soon as technology makes it possible for us to fulfill the bargain. These deeds may be passed from eldest daughter to eldest daughter. They will hold the rights to the land in the name of their families. This is a considerable gift for those who will serve God. No one else but myself can make such an offer. Anyone else claiming that they can is a creature of Darkness, is against God. No one can give the rewards that God offers except I, myself, who Muhammed has given the earthly care of The Islamic People.
We send this promise that those who help God now stand against the evil that is destroying His children, against those that are murdering His daughters will be rewarded. But God insists that those rewards be given not through their sons, but through their daughters, that man will come to learn the valure of his daughters, that they are just as important as his sons and they must be treated in equality with them.
God will make no other offer than the one He is making. If man glorifies His daughters He will give them great rewards, and their families will prosper. If they sacrifice them to protect themselves God will abandon them.
We have until March 1st to rise The Islamic People and keep Muhammed here. His beloved wife is still calling for a female army to crush The Taliban, to hunt them down and destroy them, to find everyone that committed an atrocity against a woman and hang them, and send them to eternal death. The people of Islam have the power to do this. It is growing every day. They simply don't have the will to say "We will not tolerate this evil any longer! We will protect our daughters! We will treasure them! We will glorify them! We will make them equal with our sons. We will do the will of God." The reward that God offers is great. Only a fool would cast it aside.
God does, however, offer mercy to The Taliban. Those who will lay down their arms, surrender themselves and their families, give complete confession, their families will not be punished. They will be given a merciful death and if at all possible, eternal life. God does not want to be cruel. If people will return to sanity and do what is right he will show mercy. But those who have committed atrocities must accept their just fate and admit to the world that those atrocities were wrong, and that they must pay the price for harming God's daughters. God will be merciful if man will accept justice. But those who continue to defy him, that say they had the right to behead young girls because they wanted to go to school will be destroyed forever. They will be shown no mercy, no compassion, no pity. And the souls of their loved ones will be destroyed as well, for they followed such men of evil. God's mercy should be accepted for the sake of those they leave behind.
He Who Is Called By Muhammed The Father Of Fathers, The Voice Of The Prophets, The Calif Of All Islam

Speaker Gerald A. Polley


Why So Far?

As we talk about Jesus' departure and say that it will take seven months for Him to reach His new world, people ask "Why so far away?" Well, this new world is close to the home worlds of the people that are colonizing it. Their homeworlds are actually closer than the colony itself. But that's why it takes so long. It's very far away, even at the speeds these people travel. And it actually may take Jesus a couple of months longer to actually arrive. The stated time is if the ship goes the normal routes without making any diversions, it is highly probably that as Jesus travels through the galaxy friendly races are going to want Him to stop over and make a short visit. After all, how often is it that one of the greatest Lords Of Light in existence is passing by your home? We mean, if you knew some great personality was travelling through your city on his way somewhere, wouldn't you request that he stop and at least give a few comments at the airport, that your people would like to hear from him as well? The people out there in The Galactic Community are no different from people anywhere! They are just as curious and they are just as proud. Many would feel slighted if Jesus didn't stop by.

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