An Open Letter From Ali ibn Abi Talib, The Leader Of The Kingdom Of Ishmael
To The King Of Saudi Arabia And The Rulers Of All Other Islamic Nations
Through Their Embassies In Washington, DC And The Media Of The World
22-02-00 AJ

Be it known that John, The Son Of Zebedee is not the only one that is disappointed in the service that he has been able to give God. I intend to tender my resignation also, March 1st when our beloved Muhammed chooses to again abandon Us and return to those in the stars who will follow his guidance and wisdom. But I have a severe problem. No one will replace me. No one will take the stewardship of Paradise. Because you are negotiating with The Taliban, the murderers of God's daughters, and will give them amnesty, no one can abide you. No one will say "These are my people, I will care for them, I will protect them, I will guide them in righteousness." All who have gone before you feel that you have utterly failed them as men. We cannot understand how the power of Islam is so rising, yet its men will do nothing against evil, will submit to it, will cower to it, run from it and let their daughters be tortured and murdered in the name of false religion. For what these men teach has nothing to do with the way of God. God honors His daughters, God demands that they be protected, that those who abuse them in their lust be hunted down and destroyed. Therefore, I am making an appeal to all of Islam. Become righteous men. Become honorable men, that Our Beloved Prophet will stay and guide. Provide a courier/protector. Help God's truth spread throughout The Islamic World. Send our people to the stars. Do not let them die here in anguish.
I will not serve you any longer. When Muhammed leaves I will be reborn as a Christian in a land outside of Islam. I will not even tell you where. And I will stand against those who would deny an education to young women, who would make them cover themselves so they will not lust over them, who will hide them from the world and call them shameful because they cannot control themselves. God created perfection. He gave us beautiful flowers to fill a barren and desolate world, and man calls what God has done evil and shames it! It is them that are shameful for they deny God's perfection! I will serve you until March 1st, then no one will serve you. The Kingdom Of Ishmael will have no leader. The head of The Kingdom Of Israel will be looked to for guidance and will help in the administration of our affairs. But no one will lead a people that have no faith, that do not truly believe, who pray empty prayers and torture little girls, who have no God but their lust. There is simply no one who will lead such men for they are not of God!

He Who Serves Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All Now, And, Forever


To The King Of Saudi Arabia And The Rulers Of All Other Islamic Nations
23-02-00 AJ

Greetings Your Majesty!

I find that I must write to you again because of a small problem. When we originally offered the re

ward to The United Arab Emerites for assisting Us in the spiritual battle that broke the creatures of Darkness' spiritual power, they were promised an eighth of the new Islamic world. Our tradition was to divide worlds into tenths, not eighths, and this has created some confusion and made it impossible for us to negotiate for something that we will need. Therefore, Muhammed has instructed that I modify the original agreement and gaurantee The Emirates a tenth of the new world with first choice of territory. According to the terms of our agreements I must notify you of this slight change as you are considered the leader of The Islamic People under my stewardship. Still The Emerates is offered a great reward that they should claim before some misfortune causes them to lose it. We can no longer contact The Emirates. Their email is not working. So perhaps you should make sure this message is passed on to them.

Speaker Gerald A. Polley


Why Now?

People just cannot understand why the officials in The Afterlife are saying "Enough! We can't tolerate this any more! Everything that has been going on has been going on for ages. Women have always been persecuted, women will always be persecuted. It's the way things are. Why are They making such a fuss about it now? Why are They saying it must stop now or They'll leave?" Because this is the age that that persecution is supposed to end. With The Awakening of The Children Of The Lords that believe in the equality of women, the persecution of women was supposed to end in all other religions as The Light was brought back to the world. But as the creatures of Darkness have taken over those that lust for their own gender and hate women more than ordinary men, The Awakening has been disturbed and we are having a great deal of difficulty accomplishing that that God wants. Every man knows it's wrong to let another man abuse his daughter. Rather it is socially acceptable or not he knows it's wrong. He loves his daughters. He wants to see them treated justly. This is natural. This is as it should be. Those who cower, those who run to protect themselves and won't fight for their daughters are despised by The Rulers in The Afterlife. They do not consider them men. That is why They are so angry.

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