An Update From God's True Voice On Earth To The Media Of The World
24-02-00 AJ

Some very strange things are happening! First of all, we got an obnoxious letter from someone claiming to be an American of color saying that Martin Luthor King would never become an Apostle of Jesus Christ, that he'd never join the white establishment, and that we were totally instane for suggesting any such thing. We find this very weird. We doubt if it was even really a person of color, it was probably some white person making a sick joke.
Aside from that, we have been asked if there isn't some way that Muhammed would give us more time. He won't even consider it! What his people are doing to women in the name of Islam is simply beyond his bearing. He can't tolerate being with men that would do such things. It simply disgusts him! He has lost faith in his people, which is sad because his people are becoming so powerful. But he simply cannot represent them unless they see reason and stand against this evil, and restore the place of his daughters and stop all persecution against them. As it probably isn't going to happen, or at least in time, he will most likely leave March 1st. We're getting tired of only having these short periods of time to do things, but circumstances are creating these situations and we simply have to do what we can do with the time that we have.
Below is the letter that we sent to The Pope asking for his assistance in reaching Yoko Ono. God is determined, and so is every one of His Agents!
Another thing. We've been asked why John The Son Of Zebedee is going to The Pentecostals. It was The Pentecostals that failed God here in Bismarck and would not provide Him with an earthly residence. Fortunately others supplied us with power so we've been able to do some wondrous things here. John The Son Of Zebedee wants to win them back, wants to bring them back to God so in a few years even though he is young he will probably be a major part of their leadership. Let us pray he is successful!

Speaker Gerald A. Polley

FOOTNOTE: Looks like I won't be able to work for three or four days. Right after dictating this email I came down with the stomach flu and it's highly contagious! I got it from a guy at work the first of the week. I have the medicine you rub on your wrists to stop the vomiting and Linda & I stopped at the grocery store to get Gatorade and Power Aid to rehydrate me. We're just glad it wasn't anything worse. But if it doesn't clear up in the amount of time the doctor mentioned I will have to go to the emergency room so they can rehydrate me with IVs. However I was told where I'm pretty healthy I shouldn't need that. What next? We hate to think! Dark ones working overtime. We must be doing something right!

Also right before getting sick just for the heck of it we found a church for sale in Washington DC that would be perfect for our headquarters there! Here's the link.

We wonder how many bedrooms the annex has, or how many bedrooms it could be converted into. Unfortunately no way to purchase it right now, and no sponsors. As usual we'll keep everyone advised on things here.

22-02-00 AJ

A Special Note From John Paul II To His Successor Pope Benedict XVI

If anyone knows the trouble of your office I do! The pains and anguish that you suffer every day I suffered. But I desire greatly that you acknowledge the position I have risen to. As I am only now a Patriarch no ceremony of ascension is necessary. But I would like so much to have The Kingdom Of Jesus restored so I could have my ascension ceremony as an Apostle. The struggle to reach Yoko Ono and have her accept the glory that her husband has done in the name of Our Lord And Savior is one of the most important issues of our time. And providing a courier/protector so that God's greatest earthly servant can perform his duties is among one of the greatest causes of our age. You know you have several at hand who could perform these duties. Though they are young they are filled with God's power and would be a bridge between God's servants and The Catholic Church. One of them should be chosen and sent. We are very disturbed that Demetrius' emails to you are being returned. We wish there was some way that this situation could be remedied. You are being offered greatness, a position that some say I should have, but I would prefer to stay here and tend our flock on Earth. I am deeply honored that you might take our children to the stars. I wish you to seek this goal with all honor and dignity. It is hard to let go of those things that we held as sacred so long that we know are wrong. We want so much for God to accept our way, but he will not. We went to far astray. And our mistakes must be remedied. The first part of that remedy is to provide the courier/protector, the loans that Demetrius needs to fund his work and maintain her, and to make him a cardinal in the church. When you do this I promise you, God's blessings will pour out unto you and to the church. Some will resist, but the majority will understand that if the human race is to survive these changes must be made. Listen to God's True Voice! He means you no ill but only wishes to fulfill your glory, take you where you are supposed to go. Do not resist him! At first I found the truth difficult. I was appalled when a woman's hand was put in mine and I was told she was my wife, and that I could not abide in The Kingdom Of God unless I accepted her. But in a very short order I found that union blessed, and more joyous than anything I had ever felt before. For the first time I was truly whole, I was truly a man. That which I had denied myself was rectified and I was complete. The wisdom of God is unquestionable. It should never be denied! He created perfection. It is the ignorance of man to deny it. I ask you to stop denying it and accept its purity.

He Who Serves Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All Now, And, Forever

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