To The Editors Of Texas Newspapers And The Owners Of TV And Radio Stations

For assistance in this project God is making an incredible offer. Those who will help us reach The Mormons and make them aware of God's proposal will be given a deed to a tract of land on The Christian's new world of 25 square miles, which will be an inheritance to their descendants passed down through their eldest daughter. Any seeing to it that The Fundamentalist Church Of Latter Day Saints receives this message and gets their comments on it, and gives them to the people of Texas may claim one of these deeds. We are sure the courier protector will honor those who helped her achieve her position, for she will know it's God's will.

The Polleys

An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Church Elders of The Fundamentalist Church Of Latter Day Saints In Eldorado Texas
Delivered Through The Media Of Texas
24-02-00 AJ

Most Profound Greetings!

We are in a tragic situation. My beloved Son Jesus has abandoned mankind. Because of His departure from Earth my faithful servant Demetrius, who has become my only true voice, cannot use his powers because if he does so he will injure those who can be saved. I am seeking courier/protectors from each Christian denomination and other faiths to become Speaker Polley's conscience. Here is a link to a site that we have put up with all the current information on this project.
Below is a letter I have sent to The Mormon Church to its Prophet informing him that unless he acts the place of The Mormon spiritual protector will be lost. ( See Page 29 )
Though Warren Jeffs is not one of my favorite people it is without question that some among him have my power. There is a young woman among your congregation in Texas that could serve as a courier/protector and win the rewards that are promised for that service, to become the goddess of a new world, to be my steward of that world with my full power and authority. It would not be fair not to advise you that there is one among you that can fulfill this task. She would've been thirteen on November 8th, 2,008. She may be fourteen now. But it is still not too late for her to become a courier/protector and win the rewards that are promised, to lead the effort to restore Christianity.
If The Prophet in Salt Lake City refuses to provide the courier/protector that is there, I now give you the opportunity to come forward and provide the one in your community. These are incredible times! My daughters are being offered incredible power. For the sake of their people they should take it. Many are needed, but a Mormon should lead the way, should be the one in charge. I offer to give that power and glory to your child if those who have been offered it before refuse it. The Prophet in Salt Lake City has thirty days from the time his letter was sent. I would advise you if you are interested in doing my glory, to make it known that you will present an alternative if The Mormons in Salt Lake City fail me.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All Now, And Forever


Mixed Racial Colony

As we talk about Jesus' abandonment of mankind, people are absolutely amazed that there are extra terrestrials that believe in an Afterlife, and, Lords Of Light that would accept a spiritual protector. The surprising thing is, the more advanced a race becomes the more their psychic abilities open up, the more they come to realize there's something beyond the material world, that the material existence is very limited. But Jesus is not taking over an existing world. Four races of The Galactic Community are establishing a new colony. Millions of people from four of their societies will be establishing homes on a world that is just becoming life sustainable. They've given it a little help to bring up the oxygen levels and stuff, so they won't need sealed cities, just shields to protect them from real severe situations. But the odd thing is, only males are coming from two of the races and only females from two of the others. The males have all agreed to marry females from the other races, and vice versa. This is often the case when those in The Galactic Community establish a new world. They believe it creates harmony rather than having one race take a new world, if several claim it they believe it's much better. The racists on Earth wouldn't like these people at all, and it's rather odd that the women that are going are Mora, what is called by the Humans The Grays in popular UFO terminology. And over 50% of them are those Mora that have already mated with Humans that from time to time have been taken away for one reason or another, and become part of their society. The colonists especially requested them after Jesus accepted their offer. They believed it would help secure His relationship with the planet. Undoubtedly it will help. But we cannot say that this is all totally welcomed. There is a nonaligned race in the area that does not like mixed racial colonies. Ignorance is universal. And they do not like such a powerful Lord Of Light being brought into their sector. They are making complaints. They will be ignored, but they are still making complaints, and they could be troublesome! Nothing is ever absolutely perfect.


No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ( Eleanor Roosevelt )

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