An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Media Of The World
25-02-00 AJ

Yesterday we mailed a letter to The Mormons in Eldorado, Texas informing them that if The Mormons in Salt Lake City did not provide a courier/protector they could, that there is a young woman among them that could take over the effort to restore Christianity. Why, we are asked, does this honor fall upon The Mormons? Why couldn't a Baptist or a Pentecostal or a Jehovah's Witness perform this funciton?

The answer goes all the way back to when this crisis began, when Jesus was first betrayed for Bill Clinton. The Mormons were the only Christian denomination that did not join in the rebellion. Not a single Mormon was cast out of The Kingdom Of God to suffer eternal death because they had betrayed Jesus. This immediately gave them a place of importance, which has only grown in the passing years. That is why a Mormon protector is so important. Right now it is literally The Mormons that are holding Christianity together in The Afterlife, even though officially Joseph Smith has shut down the church. Their people are still active, and if they can win the position of the chief courier/protector the church will be reorganized, just as others will be reinstated if they provide courier/protectors. That is why a Mormon is so important. God wants to build the same relationship in the material world that exists in The Afterlife, give the people that are taking leadership in The Afterlife leadership in the material world so they can reach out to other denominations and try to bring them back into the fold.

We've been asked "How many courier/protectors are needed?" Unfortunately it is impossible at this time, to give an exact answer, but at least twelve.

1. The Mormon protector from The United States hopefully, from Salt Lake City, who will be the leader of the Christian effort under Speaker Polley's stewardship. She will protect all Mormons throughout the world.

2. The Islamic protector, hopefully from Saudi Arabia, who will protect all Islamic people throughout the world.

3. The Israeli protector, hopefully from Jerusalem, who will protect all people of the Jewish faith throughout the world.

4. The Catholic protector, hopefully from Rome, Italy. But there are other possibilities. She will protect all Catholics throughout the world.

5. The Hindu protector, who will protect all the people of her faith throughout the world.

6. The Anglican protector, hopefully from London, England, who will protect all persons of that denomination.

7. The Buddhist protector, hopefully from somewhere in India where her family now resides who are refugees from Tibet.

8. The Shinto protector, believed to be living somewhere in Tokyo, Japan, would protect all persons who believe in ancestor worship throughout the world.

9. The Baptist protector, a young woman of color believed to be living in Montgomery, Alabama. She would add her power to that of the Mormon protector and assist her in protecting people of her denomination throughout the world.

10. The Orthodox protector, believed to be living in Athens, Greece, who would protect all members of that denomination, adding her power to the main protector.

11. The Methodist protector, believed to be living in Boston, Massachusetts, who would add her power to the main protector to defend those of her faith.

12. The Witness protector, a member of The Jehovah's Witnesses who would add her abilities to the main protector, protecting not only the members of her denomination, but other Christians as well.

These are the main twelve. It may be necessary to have others that would not be courier/protectors but secretary/protectors of different denominations serving one of the protecters as an assistant to add their particular denomination's power to the system. This might be especially necessary for the Islamic protector, as we are not sure if one protector can cover both sects of the Islamic religion. The secretary's jobs would be no less important than the main protectors but they would not have to go into the field. They could stay at the operational headquarters and take care of duties there, while their superiors were out in the field. But this is a basic outline of what God is looking for, a group of young women to save the world, to rally their people and give mankind a future. People say these things can't happen, but they have happened throughout history. Remember, Jesus called Twelve, and look at what They accomplished! It's too bad mankind has rejected it. But Twelve are being sought again to battle those that would sodomize and destroy mankind, to battle those that live in hate and greed and know only lust. If they can be raised, if they can be brought together, if they can be funded, if Speaker Gerald Polley can lead them they can overcome the Darkness and restore The Light. I have given them the power. We only have to give them a chance.

Here is a link to the web site we have put up with most of the current information on the courier protectors. Information from the next issue of the magazine will be added to it as soon as that issue is released.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever


Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others. ( Robert Louis Stevenson )

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