An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Media Of The World

26-02-00 AJ

The more we look at this property in Washington, DC, the church that is for sale, here's the link

we would like to get a good look at it. A lot of work would have to be done. And it would take something that we don't have right now, money. Living space for each courier/protector would have to be set up, each room would have to have a private phone line, and the operations center would have to have cable internet. no cell phones would be allowed on the premesis, only land lines. Cell phones could be used off the premesis, but no wireless equipment would be allowed anywhere in the facility. All equipment would have to be hard wired. This would be so as not to disturb the power in the building.
A name has already been chosen for the temple. Where one of the chief jobs of the courier/protectors will be to get all Christian denominations and other faiths to accept the Apostleship of John Lennon and his ascension to the Rulership of The Kingdoms Of God, it has been decided that no matter where this facility is established it shall be called The Temple Of Our Lord John Lennon, Apostle To Jesus Christ, And Savior Of Mankind. This shall be on a plaque over the temple's main entrance. And inside the main entrance shall be a display honoring him to whom the temple is dedicated with a suitable portrait.
It is a tradition of Spiritist churches to always have a book available for those visiting telling of the exploits of the Teacher to whom that temple is dedicated. Fortunately we have one! Speaker Linda Polley has written a book called "Heaven's Hero; My Adventures With John Lennon." It may have to be updated a little bit, but it would be the perfect vehicle to tell people what's going on. John wishes we could get a publisher to put it out and perhaps raise the funds to buy his temple and begin our work in Washington. But as this seems to be an impossibility we will most likely have to publish it ourselves and have it available for visitors at cost, which is our tradition.
This temple would also be interdenominational. Either the courier/protector from each denomination or one of her staff would lead a religious service for their group at least once a week. Though a female, the Catholic protector would be required to perform mass. A male priest would be allowed to assist, and perhaps on occasion Speaker Polley could deliver communion but it would be the courier/protector's responsibility or one of her female associates, to perform mass, because this is my direct desire, that this be the first place where the women of each denomination take their place of equality beside the men. This is paramount! It is one of the greatest parts of the courier/protectors' mission, to bring their sisters out of the Darkness, out of slavery and back into The Light so we must raise the power to overcome the Darkness.
I desire that Spiritist services be conducted in this temple, also, but as Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley will be far too busy most of the time carrying on their other duties, it will be difficult. We are in hopes that some of their followers can be awakened and join them in this effort. It saddens Us deeply that so many of them have turned away from the ways of their Fathers and Mothers and are afraid to speak The Great Truths they have known for ages, for fear of being ridiculed and being called weird. It is so sad that the creatures of Darkness use such a tactic to attack such a noble way. But we are in hopes that this Darkness can be overcome, and that soon many will return to the ways of their Fathers and Mothers. It does not offend me at all that The Children Of The Lords believe in Infinite Law and, evolution, that they will not call me Creator, but instead love me as The Father Of This World, as The Spirit that guides and nurtures it. For they serve me better than those that call me Creator.
These are some of the things we would like to have at this temple. But most of all we want a sign outside on the lawn in big bold letters that says "International Headquarters Of The Sisterhood Of Divine Salvation." That's what we want most, and we want the sisters that make up that fellowship on that premisis, working to unite the world against its common foe, those would destroy them forever. We would like to see marriages performed in this temple, but they will only be marriages between male and female. No atrocities, no foulness will be permitted in this temple. None that teach sodomy will be allowed through its doors. Any that try to enter will be put out. This temple will be kept pure. Those who wish to shame our sons and daughters, wish to destroy their souls, wll not be permitted in.
But to recap. This temple will have two great purposes. First of all to establish the equality of male and female, to end their religious separation, and declare that they are only whole when they are together. Only in male and female pairs should they function, nothing elses is acceptable. Though it will be a sisterhood that will mainly be working in this temple, they will have brothers with them, they will not be isolated. And in time they will be wives and mothers, as I have always intended. secondly, to establish the Apostleship of John Lennon, and to have his ascension to the Rulership Of The Kingdom Of God accepted by all denominations, so salvation can be restored and The Kingdoms Of God can again function at Their full capabilities. And these sisters shall accomplish this by being courier/protectors, enabling my greatest servant at this time, to fiunction in the world uninhibited. By doing this, by joining all the religions of the world together, they will save the world, and that is their greatest purpose.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All,
Now, And, Forever


It is fun to be in the same decade with you. ( F. D. Roosevelt )

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